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Dogs Who Think They’re Royalty.

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FluffyPinkCloud Wed 03-Oct-18 03:36:33

My new pug (HRH) definitely thinks she’s a princess.
She’ll steel the comfiest spot in front of the TV.
She hates to get her feet wet.
She does a wheelbarrow and lifts her back feet up to pee, just so she won’t wet them.
She’s stolen both beds belonging to the cat.
She huffs around the place if she “needs” to go outside.
She sleeps on the pillows on the bed.
She’s a high maintenance little thing. Can’t wait to have her home.
Tell me how your dogs make it known they’re the creme de le creme

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FlyingMonkeys Wed 03-Oct-18 03:57:35

My yorkie hides outside, barking repeatedly, and then takes pure joy in shitting on my kitchen floor after he comes back in (probably not what you're looking for).

FluffyPinkCloud Wed 03-Oct-18 04:04:32

Oh no poor you! How old is he? HRH was a rescue so sometimes she forgets she’s house trained and will pee inside.

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FlyingMonkeys Wed 03-Oct-18 04:09:48

Yorkies other 'traits' incude; trying to drown himself in his water bowl, screaming very high pitched if he's ignored, barking at anything/everything, trying to impregnate my Dd's cat, rolling in bigger ddogs piss, escaping out the garden on to the main road, shitting on my dinner plate left on the floor for 30's, pissing in the middle of my bed, bolting if you slightly tell him off.... I dislike neurotic small dogs 😕 Now the staffy! 🙄

FlyingMonkeys Wed 03-Oct-18 04:11:33

He's six so unlikely to improve... However we 'Love him' 😁😂 your HRH sounds adorable though! Post pics ☺

FluffyPinkCloud Wed 03-Oct-18 04:55:44

We’re adopting her from my nan and she’s arriving this morning. As soon as mum’s dropped her off I’ll try and post some pics. Oh another thing she does is to sit and stare at you while you’re eating as if to say, “why are you eating my dinner?”

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FluffyPinkCloud Wed 03-Oct-18 04:58:09

I love Staffs too, was brought up with an amazing brindle boy. He was a rescue but he was the softest soppiest dope ever.

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FlyingMonkeys Wed 03-Oct-18 05:05:08

Aww, welcome to your new household addition! I'm sure HRH will have you all 'obeying servants' very soon ☺

pigsDOfly Wed 03-Oct-18 10:07:17

I'm actually a bit ashamed about this but my dog will sometimes give a very sharp little bark to call me downstairs if I'm upstairs.

It's not quite as terrible as it sounds as it started because she had pancreatitis and would bark to call me if she needed to go outside to poo or vomit and I would come running to open the door for her.

Even though she's been fine for some time I still jump to her bark just in case, but now she'll yap and when I get downstairs she'll be sitting on the sofa with a 'what on earth took you so long' look on her face blush.

Very exciting to be bringing home your little dog Fluffy hope it all goes well.

lelepond Thu 04-Oct-18 00:47:27

My GSD has a memory foam pillow and refuses to rest his precious little head on anything else blush.

SenecaFalls Thu 04-Oct-18 01:12:48

Of course my Pembroke Welsh Corgi knows she is royal. Can't get more royal than that in the canine world. smile

AcrossthePond55 Thu 04-Oct-18 02:27:11

Our Dachshund thinks he's king of the castle and all must bow before him.

If you don't jump to his command you see this. Continuously. Until you give in and do his bidding.

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