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Smokeahontas Tue 02-Oct-18 18:49:15


I currently have a 9 year old male terrier. He’s fully socialised and used to other dogs, but has always been the sole dog of the house. I’m currently looking at rehoming a 14 year old terrier bitch. Obviously she’s more likely to be settled and chilled than a pup or younger dog would be.

Has anyone any experience of introducing a second dog at such an age, or rescuing a dog older than their current?

Unsure of the circumstances behind why she’s ended up in rescue. Will know more tomorrow night.

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LimeJellyHead Fri 05-Oct-18 11:16:43

Good luck, I am sure it will be fine. Rather than their ages, I would take into account each dogs level of activity and playfulness. If one is always wanting to sleep/rest and one is always wanting to play, that could cause tension. As long as they are similar in that respect, the age gap should not be an issue. All my terriers have stayed young at heart until very old age.

Well done on adopting an oldie star

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