Chinese crested powderpuff?? Anyone

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Asimplelife22 Mon 01-Oct-18 16:16:15

Just looking for some hair products that work for your puff. He is getting very knotty. I brush every day which he hates

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Asimplelife22 Mon 01-Oct-18 20:21:35


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Fatjilly Mon 01-Oct-18 21:49:58

No answers I’m afraid but interested. I have a Chinese crested powderpuff/poodle and his fluffy coat is a nightmare! The worst is when he gets wet because NOTHING can dry him!

twoheaped Mon 01-Oct-18 21:51:42

Can you not clip him?

Asimplelife22 Tue 02-Oct-18 09:07:55

I'd rather not clip as they are long haired.

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Singlenotsingle Tue 02-Oct-18 09:14:08

I have mine trimmed about every six weeks. She loves it, and I don't have to brush her too much afterwards. No wonder he hates being brushed if his hair is long and tangled.

Pigletpoglet Tue 02-Oct-18 09:16:30

Panagenics is amazing, but ridiculously expensive. The shampoo is weird - you put it on dry and then rinse it off. Leave in conditioner every day, and a spray conditioner for before you touch the coat with anything (brush, comb, scissors). £23 for each product! But it properly works...


Asimplelife22 Tue 02-Oct-18 09:53:58



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Asimplelife22 Tue 02-Oct-18 09:54:57


Thank you I'll have a look.

He hated it when I had him trimmed for summer

So I prefer to only trim once a year

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Blackbutler86 Tue 02-Oct-18 11:05:16

I don't have a Chinese crested but I do have 3 full coated shih tzus one of which has a silky type coat like a puff.

First off I would get him used to grooming otherwise it's not fair to keep him long. My 4th dog is short as he hates being brushed. Either hold a treat in your hand or get someone to do it and let him lick at it but not actually have it whilst you brush. Make sure you never brush the coat dry as piglet said, I use a conditioning spray called Chris Christensen Ice on Ice. Just spray on then brush, make sure you have a good brush, straight pin is best as it doesn't catch the fur and cause breakage. A bristle brush is also handy as it helps stimulate the skin. A comb with rotating teeth is also a good bit of kit.

Also where you walk him will have a big impact on his coat, I don't walk mine in the street or on gravel as the dust from the pavement and stones just causes the coat to get rough, dirty and hard to get a brush through and thus causes tangles. I stick to fields and parks and don't have any trouble even in bad weather where they get wet they always dry off and stay clean and tangle free, a wet pavement just makes them dirty.

Darklane Tue 02-Oct-18 21:13:49

I don't have a Puff but have three little Yorkies ( plus a Skye Terrier) who all have very long show coats. I use Ice on Ice too & swear by Cowboy Magic, brilliant stuff. The Isis brushes are very good for detangling, firmer than bristle but less harsh than a pin brush. I always use a shampoo with no nasties in, as gentle as possible, & use a rinse out conditioner when I bath them, usually once a fortnight, then blow dry them with a blaster dryer on a gentle warm setting brushing al, the time.

Asimplelife22 Wed 03-Oct-18 08:09:14

Thank you I'm going to loook at ice on ice

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