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hooveringhamabeads Sun 30-Sep-18 13:51:53

I am setting up a Home boarding for dogs service, and was just wondering what to charge. If you have used a service like this before, what would you expect to pay? I have insurance already.

Any advice appreciated.

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BrokenWing Sun 30-Sep-18 13:59:44

I used a homeboarding service for the first time a couple of weeks back. They picked ddog up at 1pm, took him to their home and brought him back at 11am the next morning. The home board was £15 including pick up /drop off and one walk. We paid an extra £8 for another walk as 1pm was an early pickup for an overnight stay.

slippyshoesshuffle Sun 30-Sep-18 14:11:49

Are you going to be using an online agency to advertise your service?
There are advantages to doing so but you will have to factor in their fees in your charges.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 30-Sep-18 14:17:24

Are you aware of the new licencing requirements?

Hoppinggreen Sun 30-Sep-18 14:20:11

I pay £15 per 24 hours or part of
I drop off and pick up

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Sun 30-Sep-18 15:20:30

I pay £18 a night for home boarding. The boarder charges in a range up to £20 depending on the client (some of his clients are not so well off and some are quite comfortably off) and he decides fee on an individual basis. I don't think that is too bad as the going rate in my area with my previous boarder, which was about 3 or 4 years ago was £15 a night and the local highly recommended doggy daycare boarding fee (which involves kennelling but also a swimming pool and big stints of playing in their extensive grounds) is £25 a night - way more than I would want to pay.

whateveryousay Sun 30-Sep-18 15:29:10

I pay £18 for an overnight. For that the dog is collected at 6pm, and returned at 8am the next morning.


hooveringhamabeads Sun 30-Sep-18 16:06:25

Thanks all. Yes I will be getting a licence from the local council.

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Polestar50 Sun 30-Sep-18 16:29:15

I pay £25 for 24 hrs. May be on the pricier side but our sitter is fab and our dog loves it there is allowed to sleep on the sofas and eat sausages.
Happy to pay a bit of a premium as we trust her and know dog is happy and safe. The sitter posts videos and photos on FB, its lovely to see the dogs running around, snoozing etc obviously having a great time.

CherryPavlova Sun 30-Sep-18 16:34:39

I pay £26 for drop off 8 am and collect 5pm next day.

adaline Sun 30-Sep-18 20:58:47

We pay £10 per 24h or part of.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 30-Sep-18 21:32:29

I have paid £30 per 24 hours in London (grudgingly...). Result is that for anything over 2 days it's cheaper to transport him by train to the other side of the country for DF to look after him.

hooveringhamabeads Sun 30-Sep-18 22:26:53

Wow adaline, that’s cheap. Is that with someone who is licenced and insured?

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adaline Mon 01-Oct-18 07:08:22

Yep - we live in a very cheap area of the country though!

missbattenburg Mon 01-Oct-18 08:21:04

£12.50 per 24 hours (or part).

Boarder is insured, licensed and has animal medical training plus a large garden and permission to walk the dogs over the local estate grounds.

t00dle00 Mon 01-Oct-18 08:44:52

£15 per night here and we get a discount because we fill her house with our 4 dogs.

Guardsman18 Mon 01-Oct-18 11:10:44

£30-35 per night in Wales. I feel I've been ripped off!

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