Best dog toys you own? Or equipment

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NewYoiker Sat 29-Sep-18 17:36:51

Going through our dogs toys and have realised it's 90% dead tennis balls and various half finished chews.

So what is your dogs favourite toy? Or what piece of dog owning equipment would you not be without?!

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MishMashMosher Sat 29-Sep-18 17:39:04

Stag bar/horn/whatever they are called! A small one of about £6 in pets at home but they last months and months and my dogs love them.

RedHelenB Sat 29-Sep-18 17:50:59

His cuddly toys hes such a softie!

NewYoiker Sat 29-Sep-18 17:58:08

Ooh stag bars I'll have a look smile he does love cuddly toys but he likes to perform surgery on them so I buy stuffing free ones or remove it myself !

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Whyiseveryonesoangry Sat 29-Sep-18 18:01:26

Tug of war rope. Cost about £6.00. It was his Christmas present last year and we expected him to ‘kill’ it within a month. He loves playing with it, and although it is now more rag than rope, it is still going. Father Christmas may bring him a new one this year if he’s good.

RedHelenB Sat 29-Sep-18 18:01:33

mine loves to take all his out into the garden!

joystir59 Sat 29-Sep-18 18:02:59

Raggy remains of disembowelled soft toys. And his Chuckit JRT-proof balls for outside play


Aprilislonggone Sat 29-Sep-18 18:04:16

Nerf ddog toys are ace.

BestIsWest Sat 29-Sep-18 18:06:07

Ours have a two foot long piece of climbing rope with a few knots in it. It is absolutely their favourite thing - they play tug of war with it or just chew it.

FairfaxAikman Sat 29-Sep-18 18:12:02

Stag bars caused by dog's tooth to fracture- they are VERY hard.

My girl's favourite include a snuffle mat and a Kong wobbler.

NewYoiker Sat 29-Sep-18 18:25:27

Ooh a snuffle mat! He's going to think it's his birthday haha! grin

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Screamqueenz Sat 29-Sep-18 18:50:19

King teddies are a particular favourite, we now have 8, but a total of 72 dog toys (I counted them up the other day).

Screamqueenz Sat 29-Sep-18 19:02:55

Kong teddies, not king teddies.....

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 29-Sep-18 19:13:42

Chuck it balls - not one has died whereas tennis balls have a ten minute life expectancy. They do work out cheaper.

Kong toys - we have 5 of the classic ones, plus a wobbler and a gyro

Apart from toys, I'm a convert to the Perfect Fit harnesses, Adaptil and the use of squeezy liver pate as a very high value treat!

Hopeful2gofar Sat 29-Sep-18 20:40:13

Tuggies, definitely tuggies. Squeaky toys are hopeless. They rip through to the squeaker in five minutes and scatter the stuffing all over the house, and I’m fed up of having to perform radical surgery with scissors and duck tape!

ADHDpuppy Sat 29-Sep-18 22:56:42

The hose or should I say him chasing water that comes out of the hose.

Loves giant cuddly toys that he eventually tears a hole in and then removing the limbs from them and the stuffing all round the house and the garden.

Also a good bone for when DH and I want some peace for half an hour.

florenceheadache Sat 29-Sep-18 23:02:30

the zogoflex hurley
guaranteed indestructible and they will replace if ruined.
our current zogoflex bone has outlived one Bulldog and now an Airedale.
yes this toy is close to 15 years old and going strong.

Nesssie Sat 29-Sep-18 23:11:28

Kong wobbler definitely! Instant distraction when needed.

Rhinopotamus Sat 29-Sep-18 23:25:22

The Kong squeaky tennis balls are great too. Very strong; our very chewy labradoodle hasn't managed to destroy one yet. She also loves her kong teddy with knotted rope inside instead of stuffing.

Floralnomad Sat 29-Sep-18 23:31:17

Our dog has his toy box under a table in the lounge and he gets most of his toys and bones out everyday . He has lots of kong toys including all of the Wubba ballistic friends which he’s very fond of . We mainly go for tough toys as he used to dismember everything but as he’s aged he has got more sensible and now just confines his dismembering to one toy which is a set of monkeys on a rope from PAH which are missing various limbs / ears . He is ball obsessed but is only allowed actual balls on walks or if someone is playing with him in the garden.

FairfaxAikman Sun 30-Sep-18 12:10:41

Should add for equipment- I love my Barjo tailgate guard. I have three dogs and means I can leave to boot open if I have to pop to the shops.
If I didn't have three dogs I'd have a Trans K9 box as they are even better but only good for two.

ThisIsTheNational Sun 30-Sep-18 12:13:11

We got a free squeaky toy from Fetch once with our order. It is the only squeaky to have lasted more than a day. 2 years on it is rank but squeaks like new. I’m scared to wash it in case I kill the squeak.

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