Sigh - no matter how much furniture we have there's not enough room!!

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Thighofrelief Fri 28-Sep-18 22:16:29

Just that really. I am currently sitting with one dog under one of my arse cheeks and another sitting on the back of the sofa resting his chin on my shoulder. I'd love to have both arse cheeks on the sofa but don't want to hurt his feelings. Or crush him.

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pigsDOfly Sat 29-Sep-18 00:47:27

It's amazing how much room a dog can take up. My 6.5 kilo dog can somehow manage to stretch herself out in the middle of my double bed so I have to squeeze myself in on what's left of one side.

Admittedly she does tend to move over to one side and make room for me once I'm in the bed.

Likewise she stretches out across the middle of the sofa so I'm squashed onto one side and then, if I'm by her feet, she'll kick me from time to time because clearly I'm taking up far too much room and getting in her way.

thedogiswearingtartan Sat 29-Sep-18 00:49:57

We have a seven seater couch and usually end up squashed on 2-3 seats so the dogs can stretch out.

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Sat 29-Sep-18 00:55:02

For the last few years I have slept on the edge of my bed so not to disturb my 3.5kg dog, its incredible the amount of space a tiny dog takes up! Same goes for the sofa masses of room but she insists on either being on my lap or at the very least squeezed right against me giving me no space to stretch out, but like you OP I never move her as don’t want to hurt her feelings!!

Thighofrelief Sat 29-Sep-18 01:00:24

I've spent 8 years sleeping in a strange S shape. One dog spoons me and the other sleeps between my legs on top of the covers so I can't move. It's nice to be loved, but...........

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RedHelenB Sat 29-Sep-18 18:04:06

Mine sits in my lap or snuggles up as a hot water bottle!

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