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What mixture of breeds do you think this is?

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hooveringhamabeads Fri 28-Sep-18 20:24:11

This is my ddog who sadly had to be PTS a few weeks ago. He was the most brilliant little dog, so much character and stubborn as a mule, and he thought of himself as a prince rather than a dog.

The guy that bred him was a bit mad and he had also passed away now so I can’t contact him, but I always wanted to know what breed ddog was. I was told he was a jack Russell x highland terrier. But he looked nothing like a highland terrier to me. He was what you’d call long wheel base, and had little short legs.

When he was young he was Black and Tan but his tan bits went grey in his old age.

What do you think, doghousers?

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hooveringhamabeads Fri 28-Sep-18 20:25:48

This was his colouring in his younger years.

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hooveringhamabeads Fri 28-Sep-18 20:27:02

And this was his sister from the same litter.

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Nesssie Fri 28-Sep-18 20:30:22

The sister looks jrt x Westie

Sid looks like a mixture of terriers, Jack Russell, Patterdale, Lancashire Heeler etc He even looks a bit corgi in his younger days!

Sorry for your loss flowers

hooveringhamabeads Fri 28-Sep-18 20:33:43

Thanks. His sister had the same face and physique but was fluffy and white! Sid had short but wiry fur, he was like a little Brillo pad.

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MimsyBorogroves Fri 28-Sep-18 21:12:52

JRT/patterdale I reckon.

NewYoiker Sat 29-Sep-18 04:30:05

He looks a lot like my dog who I had dna tested last week. I was shocked. We were told by the rescue he was 100% Jack Russell and have clearly fake kc papers.

I'm so sorry about Sid.. he looked like an amazing dog. Hope you're as okay as can be x

tattychicken Sat 29-Sep-18 05:04:38

I'd say Jack Russell x Border. Lovely little chap!

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 29-Sep-18 08:34:33

Looks like a wire haired, chunkier version of mine. Like yours, everyone agrees mine is part JRT but the second part is up for debate. The folklore he came with is part dachshund - but as I say he's longer and slimmer than yours. His only papers are a puppy vaccination book which just says JRT.

Looking at yours I'd be wondering if there was some Lancashire Heeler, but you don't get many of those. Looking at the sister, I'd say JRT x Westie was accurate.

Part of the trouble is that JRTs at so non standardised as the KC only started registering them 2 years ago. Someone told DF in the park (alas, I didn't get a chance to question him) that sometimes a pure JRT litter will throw up one black and tan puppy. Never got around to researching it, but if it's true perhaps that happened to both of ours?

Thebluedog Sat 29-Sep-18 08:37:14

Got the colouring similar to a border terrier and looks like a jack Russell

DeadButDelicious Sat 29-Sep-18 08:40:14

Looks like patterdale, jack Russel and maybe a bit of border terrier. He looks like he was a wonderful little dog. I'm very sorry for your loss. thanks

underoverunder Sat 29-Sep-18 08:41:29

Some corgi maybe? He looks like a darling little dog and I am sorry you are now without him.

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