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Puppy Blues

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starr28 Fri 28-Sep-18 10:00:52

We're 4 weeks into life with our cockapoo pup Teddy. He's 14 weeks old.
All in all he's a good boy. We've almost cracked toilet training and he starting to respond to commands. Puppy training starts next week.
I'm struggling though. He's a real Velcro dog and just can't be by himself. Wherever I am he is which is lovely but sometimes I just want to have a shower etc in private. I feel trapped in the house as he hates being left. I do leave him for half hour or so to pop to the shop but feel I have to rush back. My parents are happy to have him but often have their own plans.
The other issue is sleep. He will go off now but is waking through the night. He will go back again with some shhing which I can do from a distance but it's the broken sleep.
I'm a cancer patient ( no active treatment) with not great prognosis. We got the dog partly as a companion for my DD in dark days. She's been away this week with the school so might have been a bit harder as it's all on me.
Sorry for the moan but any suggestions for sleeping and leaving would be great. XX

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Nesssie Fri 28-Sep-18 10:08:33

Ahh the puppy blues! Happens to everyone, and it will get better.

Re the leaving - I find baby gates are a godsend. Closed doors are too much for most dogs, but baby gates, whilst being a barrier, allow the dog to see/hear you. Try putting the dog one side of the baby gate, whilst you do something, in sight, the other side. You can move out of sight of the gate briefly, coming back each time. Eventually he will learn to settle down on the other, reassured that you are still there.

soundingklaxon Sat 29-Sep-18 16:04:21

Oh I'm so pleased I've read this!! I have many similarities and I'm struggling too. I'm also a cancer patient although have finished treatment for now. Thought I'd researched the best breed for our family, I wanted him for walks with my children when I get a recurrence, to keep lines of conversation open.

He's gorgeous, but such hard work, and about a million times more tying than I ever considered. I've cried every day since we got him- at the enormity of the situation.

My kids are obsessed with him, they just adore him. I know it will get better as he matures but I'm panicking that I've made a terrible mistake. I also feel- and you may understand this-that my time is potentially limited (my type of tumour will come back) and I want to whisk my kids off on trips away, seeing the world, while I can. To say that I am stressed is an understatement.

Nesssie Sat 29-Sep-18 20:49:50

It hurts to admit this, because he really is the most amazing dog and so well behaved now, but when he was younger I use to regret getting NessDog probably every other day?
I never realised what a tie dogs were and how much it would impact day to day life. However he does make me smile every day and I love him to bits so it was worth it. Just took 2 years!

(would never get another puppy though)

starr28 Sat 06-Oct-18 09:12:58

Hi all.
Well things are a little better. Sleeping is improving and generally now wake up time is 6.30 or maybe a bit later !
Been out and about more which has helped us both and his behaviour is definitely improving. Still the odd tiny puddle and leaving him is still an issue but we're working on that. Had first puppy training last night and he did really well so hopefully that will all help.
How are you all getting on ? Xx

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