I can't stand my puppy in the mornings

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DogTiredNow Thu 27-Sep-18 08:37:49

During the day she is lovely. Has her bitey moment as to be expected at 13 weeks and accidents but that's what I expected.

What I didn't expect is her morning lunatic behaviour.

From the moment she wakes she is over excited. Jumping about. Biting. Growling. Tugging at any item of clothing she can clamp her jaws of death onto.

I do puppy duty whilst DP sorts kids.

She flat out refuses to pee outside in the morning. I feed her dry food at the door kibble by kibble to keep her busy. She has to stay on the lead Or she gets distracted and eats sticks/stones. She's chewed the lead to bits.
She tries to eat her poop.
I was out with her from 7am to 8.10 and no wee. I had to bring her in to show DS where his homework wad and she peed on the floor.

Its just such hard work.

The rest of the day she is snuggly and 90% well behaved.

7-9am she is like an unhinged land kraken.

I just want to moan about it

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Badwifey Thu 27-Sep-18 08:41:23

I think maybe she is over excited because everyone is up and busy. Also she has spent a long night (to her) alone. I would suggest getting up 15/20 mins before everyone and bringing her outside for her wee and some one on one attention before bringing her back in to the rest of the family. Maybe even a small walk around the block would do the trick.

DogTiredNow Thu 27-Sep-18 08:44:03

Hmmm. The walk might be a good idea.

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Rachelweasel Thu 27-Sep-18 09:08:22

I reckon a walk will work. It'll become part of her routine. She's probably too excited in the garden as everyone else is inside so she can't concentrate to do a wee. My mum can get her dogs to pee on command by saying "wee wee be quick" which probably makes her sound mental when out and about but it works!

adaline Thu 27-Sep-18 09:20:26

I agree with the others - she wants to be inside with her family not outside b her own on a lead.

Either get up earlier to get her to toilet beforehand, or take her for a walk while everyone gets ready so she doesn't get distracted!

Cath2907 Thu 27-Sep-18 10:28:22

Mine was like that. I now get up at 6 and get him walked, washed, dried and fed before anyone else gets up. He is then happy to loaf about trying to beg toast ends of everyone whilst the family get ready rather than being a lunatic nightmare!

MyYoniFromHull Thu 27-Sep-18 10:31:10

Unhinged land kraken grin

Oh I feel your pain. I have a BC which I've had since a pup and my word the first 18m he was more difficult than the kids.

He's a lovely chilled lad now but in honesty I'd never have a puppy again.


BackToTheFuschia7 Thu 27-Sep-18 10:36:52

The walk is a good idea but remember at her age the walks should be very, very short so her joints can develop well. At 13 weeks it will be something ridiculous like 5 minutes.

If you can’t face getting up and dressed before everyone else, I’d try taking her straight out to the garden and standing with her but ignoring her until she’s relieved herself. It’s the excitement that’s distracting her.

Nesssie Thu 27-Sep-18 11:32:49

Get a very light chain lead for now, they can't chew it, and it isn't nice to bite. Once she gets out of the habit, you can change back to a material lead.

As PP have suggested, a walk in the morning rather than the garden where there is too much going on. Just a short 5minutes round the block until she toilets.

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