Pig's trotters for dogs -- OK or no?

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shockthemonkey Wed 26-Sep-18 18:03:24

My son has over-ordered at the butchers... and he has a few raw pigs trotters going spare.

Would our 4 yr old labrador enjoy one? Who am I kidding - she'd love one, but is it safe for her?

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Icklepup Wed 26-Sep-18 19:02:55

Yes, fine

tinymeteor Wed 26-Sep-18 19:07:26

Totally fine. Our beagle loves them. They are quite gristly though, so can make their poo dry and crumbly. Make sure he has plenty of water too.

shockthemonkey Wed 26-Sep-18 19:32:22

Thank you very much! She's going to think it's her birthday all over again.

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wouldHAVEshouldHAVEcouldHAVE Wed 26-Sep-18 19:34:11

Yes! My dogs had raw lamb legs for tea, still had the fur on.

Allycumpooster Wed 26-Sep-18 22:46:21

My dogs don’t like them. They love marrow bones though!

shockthemonkey Sun 30-Sep-18 11:32:56

Well, she was a bit nonplussed then finally tucked in.

Like pooster's DDs, she prefers marrow bone!

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