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IthinkIsawahairbrushbackthere Wed 26-Sep-18 15:14:28

The sensible answer would be to use a crate but if it was one of mine I would probably camp on the living room floor for a couple of nights. We've only got dogs now but when we had bitches they were sleeping in the kitchen so no worry about jumping on the furniture in the night.

beeefcake Wed 26-Sep-18 15:09:03

My youngest is due to be spayed next week. I have booked the week off to be with her but am wondering what to do about bed time. Both our dogs sleep on the bed with us, I don't want to do this in case she gets knocked in the night, but I am also worried about her sleeping in a bed on the floor in case she tries to jump up.

I can't remember how we handled this with our oldest one. Any advice please?

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