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advice needed on barking neighbours dog

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1moreRep Wed 26-Sep-18 09:09:20

hello all
my boyfriend recently moved to a rental property and the neighbours dog is barking literally non. stop from 6am- it has woken us up each morning when ive stayed (to the point i no longer want to stay there)

it's a big dog with a deep bark- looks like a basset hound in the face.

anyway- any advice on how to approach the neighbour about it? i literally would offer to walk it as i love dogs and can't bear the constant barking as although it's annoying, i also worry if the dogs upset.

it sounds like it is barking in her bedroom as it's loudest in our room.

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anniehm Wed 26-Sep-18 09:21:19

The council noise team

bunnygeek Wed 26-Sep-18 09:44:59

First step is to see if the neighbour is the kind of person you can approach with constructive criticism. They might be really friendly and be unaware of how much their dog frustrates others, or they might be the kind of person you definitely don't want to confront.

If they're the latter rather than the former, the Council have a noise nuisance team you can contact.

Ruky44 Thu 27-Sep-18 06:57:12

I agree. It could be that the dog is upset if barking constantly. Could be hungry. You obviously don't know whether the dog is being looked after well or not. We have a female Rottweiler and she only really barks if she is hungry or just wants a bit of attention but she hardly barks. It could be the owner is at work and some dogs do suffer anxiety if left alone. Does the dog whine?

Lucisky Thu 27-Sep-18 12:33:06

Start keeping a diary of the noise and contact the council. You could also record the noise.
Does it bark all day?

Lilllypod Fri 28-Sep-18 07:42:02

I could have written this OP and I just want to warn you it will take a lot of complaining to the council to get any action. I live in a mid terrace and there are 4 dogs on either side of me. It’s literally like living in a kennel and it’s horrendous. This was not part of my lease and I’m not paying to endure this. I think there should be a new clause for agents/LLs to disclose if any of the neighbours have dogs in terraced/detached properties so it saves any of this grief. They all bark constantly at the slightest thing. Can’t go in my garden or leave/enter my house without being barked at. If it was a child screaming/shouting constantly it wouldn’t be acceptable, so why is okay for a dogconfused I hope you get some action OP sorry for my long post I needed a rant. Woken up at 5am this morning because of the dogs!

Lilllypod Fri 28-Sep-18 07:42:36

Keep a record of times and how long it’s barks for as well, helps if you have a smartphone or something you can record some with as wellsmile

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