Healthy alternatives to rawhide

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Motherofhounds Tue 25-Sep-18 14:19:39

Thank you all! Lots of recommendations to try!

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adaline Tue 25-Sep-18 12:45:42

Tripe, paddywhack, pig/goat/rabbit ears, duck and turkey necks, pizzle sticks, yak chews, dried sausage, trotters - all sorts!

Icklepup Tue 25-Sep-18 11:58:48

Green tripe, oesophagus, pizzle..

missbattenburg Tue 25-Sep-18 10:54:16

Yak chews are long lasting and soften a little as the dog chews them so don't remain rock hard?

Mine loves his.

You can microwave the last little bits so they puff up like cheese puffs (it stinks!) so none is wasted but the dog doesn't risk choking on chewing little bits of chew.

Much more expensive than rawhide, though.

Motherofhounds Tue 25-Sep-18 10:31:58

Hi all - hoping you can give me some suggestions! I have read all the horror stories about rawhide and definitely don’t want to give this to my dog, so I’m looking for something else for her to chew and keep her entertained. I have tried an antler before but this was very hard and I was worried about possible tooth damage - ideally want something more of a rawhide texture that is long lasting and not as calorific (or bleached!) Any ideas?

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