Evidence that my dog is the greediest hound in all the land

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SausageSimon Mon 24-Sep-18 18:10:49

It was working time so I thought I'd disguise it in something so she wouldn't notice it. I thought cheese was the best option to squish it inside, however whilst preparing the sneaky parcel I accidentally dropped the tablet on the ground and she ran over and swallowed it straight down no cheese required blush

Greedy little dachshund!

Anyone else got a greedy pooch? grin

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SausageSimon Mon 24-Sep-18 18:12:22

Worming not working! *

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BassAce Tue 25-Sep-18 11:26:46

One of my two dachshunds just ate my memory stick with two years worth of design work on it... I was out of the room at the time so I'm not sure which one it was. There's evidence on the floor that it was at least crunched up into smaller pieces before being consumed at least... So hopefully it won't be a vet job to find out which one.

I hope it tastes better than the bad taste left in my mouth when I realised what had just happened... 😢😢

Gotta love a dachshund.....

NewYoiker Tue 25-Sep-18 19:52:45

Our dog ate bread dough that was proofing vommed it up then his stomach swelled and he banged into everything! Took him to the vet and they said the yeast had carried on fermented in his tummy and he was drunk.. he went onto the wall of shame at the vet for that one!

niceupthedance Tue 25-Sep-18 20:07:02

Drunk dog 😂

Ours ate a whole massive lasagne that was supposed to feed an entire dinner party on New Year's Day - we'd left it cooling on the side.

Two days later he dragged a loaf of sliced wholemeal out of the bread bin and scoffed all of that too.

Aprilshowersnowastorm Tue 25-Sep-18 20:08:36

Our first rottweiler went into the flat upstairs and ate a whole cooked chicken.
Broke the ice with new neighbours and she made her a bacon sandwich every Sunday after that!!

Ylvamoon Tue 25-Sep-18 20:39:34

My old rescue dog once ate a whole onion that I dropped.
(She was watching "Oven TV" at the time = roast chicken... )


GrimDamnFanjo Wed 26-Sep-18 00:20:49

This morning I found my border terrier pup had knocked my husbands emollient cream off the table, prised open the plastic lid and was busy licking the jar out.
I hurriedly googled the main compound to find it sometimes recommended to treat dogs with constipation.
You can guess the rest....

BitterAndTwistedChoreDodger Wed 26-Sep-18 00:25:09

When I had two dogs, and it was worming time, the process was easy. Give dog number one cheese, give dog number two tablet.

Then give dog number one tablet, then dog number two cheese.

More tricky now I only have dog number two.

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