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Daytimetvsucks Mon 24-Sep-18 17:40:40

Should start off by saying I love my dog walker! He is great with my two dogs and they love going for walks with him. He walks them with his little cocker spaniel so they get great socialisation. The only issue I have is he keeps leaving their collars on after he drops them off. This is fine for my older dog but my little one is still crated when we are not in the house. He walks them every other day and I am home about an hour after he drops them off so they aren't left for long. I have read horror stories about dogs getting caught on the collar in their crate and am increasingly nervous. I have asked him a couple of times to take them off and he always says sorry and then doesn't do it for a week or so before it happens again. Am I being really over zealous? I love my two boys and if anything happened to them I'd be devestated. My dh thinks I should just stay quiet as we will soon be stopping crating anyway but I'm just worried!

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BiteyShark Mon 24-Sep-18 17:47:53

Can you leave a note on the crate door or somewhere else that is obvious to remind him as he probably just forgets if he walks lots of dogs over the week.

Daytimetvsucks Mon 24-Sep-18 17:49:56

@BiteyShark oooo good idea! Thank you :-) I was worried I was being a bit precious! Not been having a great time recently and my little dogs are such a great source of happiness to me :-) I know that's a bit nuts ! 😂

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BiteyShark Mon 24-Sep-18 17:55:18

I never put a collar on my dog in the crate or whilst he was in the house for the same reasons. It's a small risk but so easy to reduce that risk.

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