Over excited 6 month old puppy

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CalamityJane10 Mon 24-Sep-18 14:04:00

We have a beautiful, loving and sweet natured puppy. But she’s feisty, and when we’re out she will bark and growl at other dogs.

I know it is because she wants to play, and as soon as they play she stops and starts playing nicely. But it’s intimidating for other dogs and owners. I now only let her out on a long line but this is keeping her under control, not correcting her behaviour/improving her manners.

Any advice would be welcome.

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TheFaerieQueene Mon 24-Sep-18 14:13:46

Has she been socialised with other dogs and puppies? It sounds like she doesn’t know how to behave and read other dogs signals.
Do you know anyone with an older calm dog she could spend time with? They might be able to ‘teach’ her manners.

SadieLancaster Mon 24-Sep-18 14:21:06

Stick with the long line for now in order to manage/prevent the unwanted behaviour but find a good trainer to help you.

It sounds like frustrated greeting behaviour (disclaimer - can’t say for sure without wrong the dog in action). We often see this in dogs whose owners have over socialised them to the point that they expect to meet/play with every other dog they see.

Totally sortable. Look for a positive trainer in your area.

almondsareforevermore Tue 25-Sep-18 20:07:48

Our pup was like this at 6 months. He learned to leave other dogs and people alone after some warning growls or being ignored. Pups learn doggy manners from other dogs.

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