Whippet - when does he need a coat?

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Lau123lau Mon 24-Sep-18 10:38:01

Hi. My whippet is 15 weeks old and we have a winter coat for him and a jumper. What sort of temperatures would we need to use either coat/jumper or both? Don’t want to overheat him but also don’t want him to be cold.
He does go off lead in secure fields locally and have a good run when we’re out, he would never just be on lead if this makes a difference.

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CMOTDibbler Mon 24-Sep-18 16:53:40

My skinny lurcher wants his fleece housecoat on now (central heating isn't on), and a coat outside when on lead. Unless your house is warm, then he prob does need a jumper at least overnight esp as he's so young

heidiwine Tue 25-Sep-18 08:09:30

We have a whippet. He never wears a coat indoors (and never has done). I always put him in a coat (equafleece tankie) if it’s wet or very cold and he’s likely to be standing about. I don’t think whippets need coats indoors. Mine is fine in the rain/cold without a coat if he’s off lead but he would be shivering if he was hanging about. I define ‘cold’ as the temperature when I’d want to wear gloves.

yetwig Tue 25-Sep-18 20:25:18

Not whippets but still pointy dogs, will wear house costs from tonight as it's so cold. My Greyhound who is 13, has worn a coat at night since she was a pup, they do feel the cold 🙂

frostyfingers Wed 26-Sep-18 12:25:05

Ours has an Equifleece, mostly if it’s raining as that’s what she hates more than anything, otherwise she seems fine (unless standing around as heidiwine says. She’s normally zooming about so keeps herself pretty warm.

Waddsup12 Wed 26-Sep-18 12:32:19

It depends on the whippet. I have 2, one almost always is under a blanket, duvet, in a coat, you name it, rarely seen without a cover, inside or out. The other one positively hates coats and won't put up with one, except when it's very cold.

You can tell when they need one, they sort of curl and look uncomfortable and then shake...when the paw comes up, it's defo time to go indoors.

They do prefer to be up and with blankets inside, especially at night. Only single-coated and can get skin damage underneath if the bedding isn't soft enough. Best dogs tho! :-)

BiscuitDrama Wed 26-Sep-18 12:33:26

We were told for our greyhound that if you need a coat, so do they.


royalton Wed 26-Sep-18 12:39:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ilovewhippets Wed 26-Sep-18 12:46:36

Unfortunate our house is chilly as dh is too stingy to put the heating on.
Our whippets wear knitted coats like a pullover for dogs indoors if they look cold.
For out of doors we've got a variety from fleece ones to ones with waterproof tops lined in sheepskin.

kelper Thu 27-Sep-18 20:06:42

My half-whippet spend the other evening under a blanket, but its warmed up a bit here so she's being brave and not snuggling tonight.
I don't usually put a coat on indoors, but she does have a variety of jumpers and coats for the winter months......

Lau123lau Fri 28-Sep-18 06:55:36

Thanks for replies. I think we have a warm one as I’ve popped a little jumper on him in the evenings and by morning, it’s no longer on him! Not sure he likes it. I’ve also covered him up sometimes with a blanket and he always gets back out. He has a king sized quilt and large fluffy throw in his crate and I think that is enough at the minute as he kind of sinks into it. Will keep trying the jumper/coat as it gets colder and see how he goes.

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Beetlewing Mon 15-Oct-18 17:39:05

I usually feel his ears. Mine was born in September so he's not bothered much by colder weather . He wore a snood for his walk today (it's 11degrees here)

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