Dog hair and winter clothes

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Amber0685 Sun 23-Sep-18 10:48:49

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best jumpers etc to wear to minimize dog hair in the cooler weather. My dog malts a lot and she is a fawn colour. I often bring reminders of her wherever I go. I find cotton tops good, but what does everyone do when it gets colder? I know regular brushing, lint rollers, tumble dryer, but I still get covered. Thanks

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Aprilshowersnowastorm Sun 23-Sep-18 10:54:21

Doggy jumper??
Our lurcher had her jumper on for months last year! All day and all night!! Softy!

Amber0685 Mon 24-Sep-18 21:51:37

Cute, I might try that, she doesn't mind wearing them. Thanks.

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