Pup vomiting and diarrhoea

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SaidNeighbour Sun 23-Sep-18 00:49:33

Just that really. He's 9 months. We have been fiddling around with his food since he moved off puppy kibble. He threw up all his dinner (undigested) earlier. He just woke me with liquid diahorrea. Google is suggesting fasting. There's no blood or blackness. He's lethargic right now but then it's the middle of the night. Do I call a vet now or let him sleep and see how he is in the morning? I feel horrible but I have literally just put in a claim for an x ray that turned out to be just a sprain. £100 excess is not a small amount.

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Wildheartsease Sun 23-Sep-18 00:57:54

We have to change foods very slowly ( a few spoons of the new food mixed in with the old one - for two or three weeks) or the same thing happens to our two dogs.

We have worked out that one of them is intolerant of chicken too. That took a while to work out and caused some very nasty smells as we tried different foods!

Over the years they have sometimes picked up a virus (or something delicious and rotten) when out - and they have been sick etc. for a few days.

We tend to give them just water for a day - then move on to something pretty safe (a little scrambled egg with water) and then their usual diet.

We have called in to see the vet if they remain ill longer than a few days or if they seem very unwell and unlike themselves.

Wildheartsease Sun 23-Sep-18 00:59:29

Hope all is well with your pup very soon!

SaidNeighbour Sun 23-Sep-18 01:01:19

Do you think I can hold off the vets for now then? Google is saying if BOTH then you should go to the vet. I'm really hoping we won't need to. Am sleeping down here with him for now.

I did give him salmon with his usual kibble (we've been trying different toppers) which he has eaten before. The vomiting started not long afterwards but I thought it might be too quick to have been that.

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SaidNeighbour Sun 23-Sep-18 01:01:46

And thank you for responding at this time of night. X

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Evidencebased Sun 23-Sep-18 01:06:38

I'd wait till morning.

If your vet does their own out of hours work-related a good reason to choose them - they may do a Sunday morning surgery at normal rates.

Keep a note of how many times D&V.

No food At all.
Small drinks of water.

Good luck.

NarcolepticOuchMouse Sun 23-Sep-18 01:09:16

No more than 3 days of diarrhoea, that's the absolute latest you should leave it before seeing a vet. I would fast him, plenty of water provided, and then scrambled egg and rice to start with. Add in his normal food and he should be right 🖒 Make sure his wormer is up to date to be sure it's not a parasite problem. I hope he feels better soon x


SaidNeighbour Sun 23-Sep-18 01:09:18

Thank you. I'm going to stay with him and keep an eye. Water bowl is out but not too full. God I hope this isn't something awful.

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penisbeakers Sun 23-Sep-18 01:10:15

I'd be worried about parvo to be honest. Watch him until the morning and take him straight to the vet.

Angie169 Sun 23-Sep-18 01:10:56

How did he seem before he was sick ? did he bolt he food and throw up soon after ? ( my dog did this as a pup sometimes )
Check his gums are they pink and healthy looking or pale ?
Is he dehydrated , gently pinch the skin on the front of his foreleg, it should spring back into place with in about 2 seconds .
If he appears to be healthy ( pink gums not dehydrated ) I would not call the emergency vet out but keep a very close eye on him young dogs can go down hill very fast. Do not feed him anything in case you do need to get the vet out quickly as they will not put any animal under anaesthetic with food in their tummy. keep him warm and quiet and see how he goes, if later to day he seems ok give him some over boiled rice ( easy to digest ) dont put anything with / on it to make it more tasty he needs very plain food for now . if he improves later in the day give him more cooked rice with a very small amount of cooked chicken or fish. if he does not improve its time for the vets

Wildheartsease Sun 23-Sep-18 01:11:16

It is awful when they are ill!
Try not to worry too much. Keep in mind that it is usually nothing and they do get better really quickly.

Zoe2411 Sun 23-Sep-18 01:13:19

I agree with @Wildheartsease , if we're ever changing or altering something within there diet , we have to do it slowly otherwise with 3 of them it ends up bad belly city so it might be worth just doing a little transition and see if that helps smile

As for the diarrhoea and sickness , I wouldn't worry too much unless of course tomorrow your dog is disinterested, lethargic and visibly getting worse etc I wouldn't go diving into the vets at 9am worrying yourself for sickness and diarrhoea just yet ( we have done this many a time , had an anti sickness injection for luck and a call us if it gets any worse speech followed by a £70 bill lol ) , give it 24 hours, plenty of water down and try a simple , bland meal of boiled chicken rice for tomorrows tea and reintroduce dog food once poos are back to normal etc xx

Wildheartsease Sun 23-Sep-18 01:14:22

The vet I worked for used to recommend using cooled boiled water for them to drink when they are ill. If they tended to bolt this - he suggested making the water into ice-cubes that they could lick.

If you have been changing food a little too quickly- it is very likely to be this that is the cause.

SaidNeighbour Sun 23-Sep-18 01:15:13

He's had his jabs so shouldn't be parvo? He looks healthy otherwise (although sorry for himself).

Thanks for the reassurance everyone. First dog and I have no idea what I am doing!

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SaidNeighbour Sun 23-Sep-18 01:16:48

Yes I did try to stagger the food but probably not as I should have done and maybe the salmon was a mistake! Argh! I am really bad at this! Poor little sausage. The house smells ungodly.

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SaidNeighbour Sun 23-Sep-18 01:18:05

Message received about the water and plain rice. Thank you everyone. I'm feeling less panicked now.

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Smoothielamb Sun 23-Sep-18 01:19:23

How big is your puppy? My small dog recently had D and V and couldn't keep any water down, we took him to the vet after about 4 hours when we noticed he was passing blood!

The vet explained that he had HGE and that we should have brought him in straightaway. He was kept at the vet's for 3 days and nights and thankfully made a full recovery.

Angie169 Sun 23-Sep-18 01:22:24

You do know that when he is well enough it is the MN law that you have to post some pics of him grin

SaidNeighbour Sun 23-Sep-18 01:46:28

Haven't seen any blood in the diahorrea. He's sleeping soundly now so I'll report back in the morning. Thank you everyone.

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BiteyShark Sun 23-Sep-18 06:04:39

With the vomiting could he have eaten anything that could be causing a blockage. I don't want to scare you but my dog did that and had diarrhoea and vomiting when he had a rag stuck in his stomach and intestine requiring emergency surgery.

SaidNeighbour Sun 23-Sep-18 07:03:04

He is eating anything he can find at the moment. He has slept through since I first posted. Did yours have any other symptoms?

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ItsalmostSummer Sun 23-Sep-18 07:12:15

Feed plain cooked chicken only when pup is sick. If it’s only food related, try a dog food for digestive issues. We get that now and all vomiting and diarrhea stopped. Anytime our dog eats something else like cheese or other foods fed to it by the kids the dog gets sick and also red spots on its belly. If your dog has any red spots (check as it’s food allergy related) put coconut oil on them (obv. that will mean its digestive related and nothing else). It will clear up. Also I feed my dog coconut oil it’s food for them.
(But if your dog is very sick and not drinking water it could be something else. Don’t wait and risk it. See the vets.)

ItsalmostSummer Sun 23-Sep-18 07:13:06

It’s *good for them not just food 😂 sounds like your pup is feeling better.

BiteyShark Sun 23-Sep-18 07:23:50

Mine still ate at first and kept vomiting it back up. He was in pain though as he kept stretching which is a sign that his stomach hurt. Certainly if your puppy keeps vomiting I would take them for a check up as it was the vet that 'felt' something in his intestine which prompted a scan.

SaidNeighbour Sun 23-Sep-18 10:10:15

Sorry I meant in general he is a chewer and will chew anything which is quite possibly what has caused this. I have not given him any food and his last episode was about midnight last night. He's mostly slept since but happily ate some ice cubes a few minutes ago which appear to have stayed down.

The good news is that this has got me out of visiting my in-laws.

No obvious signs of stress or pain. He is pottering around although quieter than he might normally be. I am keeping a close eye.

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