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Best muzzle to stop scavenging on walks

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Yourownpersonaljesus Sat 22-Sep-18 22:08:50

My dog recently spent a few nights in the vets after eating something (not sure what) on an off lead walk. She was very ill and it's not the first time she's eaten something she shouldn't have. I don't want her to wear a muzzle but I don't think I have any choice. Can anyone recommend one?

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tabulahrasa Sat 22-Sep-18 22:47:18

The problem with a muzzle to stop dogs eating is that to be safe to wear for long enough to go for a walk, they won’t really stop them being able to eat, slow them down a little bit, but not stop them.

Unless you have a sighthound or similar shaped dog you can get muzzles for them with a solid bit just at their mouth.

Yourownpersonaljesus Sat 22-Sep-18 23:11:30

Thanks for the reply. Any idea what those type are called? Hate the idea of using a muzzle as she loves chasing and carrying her ball and it means she won't be able to do that anymore.

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tabulahrasa Sun 23-Sep-18 07:56:48

I’ve only seen them specifically for greyhounds, and they’d not fit my dog, so I’m not sure if they’re called that generally.

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