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Old cocker

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Ronnyhotdog Sat 22-Sep-18 19:45:05

That’s good to hear, thank you.

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MondayTuesdayWednesday Sat 22-Sep-18 19:15:26

Our cocker had lumps that the vet said were a build up of fatty lumps (or something like that) you couldn’t see them very obviously but could feel them. He had a couple of other lumps that didn’t have hair on them and looked like lumpy growths. Again the vet said nothing to worry about. Lived until the age of 17 and was in great health right up until the end.

Ronnyhotdog Sat 22-Sep-18 19:03:31

My cocker is 12, in the last 6 months she has aged rapidly. She has a couple of growths, one on her back the other on her face. The vet drew fluid out to test and it came back clear, nothing to worry about, probably age spots. She now has several new growths on her back, all look the same as the old lady warts. Is this normal? Dh & I both had dogs that reached old age and neither had growths like these. I’m going to take her back to the vets but just curious if anyone else had the same thing with their old dog?

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