Tell me about your German Shepherds

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AskingForAnEnemy Sat 22-Sep-18 13:54:31

Mine is just over 4 months old. Still in the mouthing and chewing stage. Likes to try and dig through my sofa. Very clever, we live really rural and I walk her off lead, as soon as she hears a car she will sit on the grass, sometimes before I've even noticed the car coming. She is a daddy's girl and likes to snuggle with my husband

Tell me about your German Shepherds. (Would love to see pics too)

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AskingForAnEnemy Sat 22-Sep-18 13:56:26

My girl

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cushioncovers Sat 22-Sep-18 14:07:02

She's gorgeous. smile

AskingForAnEnemy Sat 22-Sep-18 14:17:52

Thank you smile she's my pride and joy

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Booboostwo Sat 22-Sep-18 14:35:17

I’ve always had GSDs (along with other breeds, one dog is never enough!).

This is Monty, a bit crazy for a GSD, they are usually more sensible than him! He loves water, retrieving toys and digging massive holes!

AskingForAnEnemy Sat 22-Sep-18 14:37:12

He's gorgeous! We too have always had GSDs, I've been around them all my life

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Kennycalmit Sat 22-Sep-18 16:52:30

My girl will be 2 in November

She was a handful as a puppy and I do not miss the puppy stage AT ALL!
Infact she still is a handful. I agree with booboo - I pulled the short straw as mines a bit mental and I know they’re meant to be a lot more mature grin

Don’t get me wrong she is really intelligent. But she can be a nutter as well. She has selective hearing.

She is obsessed with balls, is the most friendliest dog to other dogs and thinks every human is her new friend - makes me wonder what she’d be like if I got attacked hmm

She barks a lot. She hates me touching the hoover or the shower head confused is very cuddly and curls up next to me in bed when DP isn’t here. She licks allll the time. When you tell her to lay down for a treat she just lifts up her front paws and belly flops - not the most grascious way of lying down but it’s so funny grin


AskingForAnEnemy Sat 22-Sep-18 17:53:09

Kenny mine barks all the time too, at everything and everyone she sees. And she hates the Hoover too lol

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whateveryousay Tue 25-Sep-18 21:57:13

I have one! He’s 8 months old, and absolutely wonderful! Almost out of the bitey stage, but still likes the odd nip 😆

basquiatfan Wed 26-Sep-18 15:31:59

I have a longcoat shepherd who is now ten years old. She has so much energy and has always loved chasing and playing with other dogs but unfortunately the owners are not so keen as she can be quite vocal. She has a fantastic temperament and is so gentle with my grandchildren. Sadly arthritis has slowed her up somewhat in recent months.

BitterAndTwistedChoreDodger Thu 27-Sep-18 00:15:29

I have a 7yo GSD. He is typical of the breed - totally neurotic, sheds like a ticker tape parade, too clever for his own good, loyal to a fault, barks at any perceived intruders, and an utter, utter, nightmare as a puppy.

But, saying that, he is a proper member of the family, and I often get complimented on his manners and behaviour.

Worth it in the end, as long as you don't mind putting your life on hold for a few years, and accept that you can not have nice things.

RussellTheLoveMuscle Thu 27-Sep-18 17:09:22

My girl is 3 now. First GSD I've had from a puppy, previous sheps were all rescues/fosters and I'll go back to rescues in the future but always this breed cus I loves 'em.

She's a typical shepherd, sensitive, intelligent, great sense of fun, loyal to family and happy to greet invited visitors in. Loves learning new things and doesn't care where we are as long as she's with me.

I never go to the loo or open a cupboard door unattended and my house has great clumps of dog hair permanently drifting through it but I'd never have it any other way.

LimeJellyHead Fri 28-Sep-18 09:41:59

This is our girl Zena. She was neglected by her previous owner but has a wonderful life with us now smile.

She is 2.5 years old and absolutely crackers. She is our first GSD as we have always have terrier-types.

LimeJellyHead Fri 28-Sep-18 09:44:16

Here she is again, helping in the kitchen wink

EndOfDiscOne Fri 28-Sep-18 09:47:44

I'm just here for the photos. Had a collie X GSD who we lost last Christmas and was the world's greatest dog - missed out on the much vaunted intelligence from both breeds and was as thick as mince, hobbies included licking where his balls used to be and shedding fur and I miss him sooooo bloody much. It's the ears I love and that strut they do when they're walking along with their human, everything's all right in their world and their person is there so it's all just totally awesome.

Looks at our greyhound who really couldn't give a fuck if I wasn't here as long as she could get on the sofa....

basquiatfan Fri 28-Sep-18 13:15:46

German shepherd ears are to die for. So soft and strokeable. This is a pic of my girl at three years old

billysboy Fri 28-Sep-18 13:20:00

I have a young lad that is awesome , he lives out as he is the guard dog however does come in for some love a few times during the day and gets walked
He is all black and from a working line so is really lively , always makes me laugh

Spudlet Fri 28-Sep-18 13:23:38

When we first met, DH was a lodger at a place where they owned a GSD. She was a wonderful dog. Totally tolerant of my wicked little spaniel stealing her big bed and getting cross with her when she tried to pinch his ball, and a lovely friendly girl. She was also an excellent burglar deterrent - it was a rural place and they had horses, so had a fair bit of valuable kit. Apparently, one evening R was going bonkers at the door so they let her out, assuming a fox was after the chickens. It was only the next morning that they found that the fence had a hole in it and the padlock into the barn was half sawn through - she'd seen them off all by herself!

RussellTheLoveMuscle Fri 28-Sep-18 14:41:04

Love seeing everyone's gorgeous dogs 😍

userxx Sun 30-Sep-18 11:44:21

@LimeJellyHead She's absolutely beautiful 😍.

LimeJellyHead Sun 30-Sep-18 12:01:46

Awww, thank you smile

Kattyy Mon 01-Oct-18 06:47:55

Best breed ever! Enjoy your pupsmile

fizzledays Tue 02-Oct-18 08:10:00

Our 14 week old boy!
We've gotten through the major biting/nipping stage (for now), he's so smart I taught him "paw" in about 15 minutes. So over excited and hype when he sees other dogs and pups, but he's going to puppy daycare twice a week so we're hoping that helps, and socialising him as much as we can with other dogs too!
He scratches....a LOT! No red, sore or bald patches but keeping an eye out.
Did anyone crate train theirs?

Kattyy Sat 06-Oct-18 22:54:03

Mine is crate trained. And is very useful. He just got out of the hospital for his hip replacement surgery and is choosing to sleep in his "cave" (crate covered with a blanket). So works really well- door always open and if he feels like cuddles, comes out. If feeling tired and needs some space, uses the crate. I would encourage getting a pup used to it as never know when you may need it.

whateveryousay Sun 07-Oct-18 21:19:51

I’ve also crate trained. My 9 month old sleeps in there, and I put him in there during the day for short periods if I have to go out.
If I leave him out of the crate and go out, he scratches the door trying to follow me, but when I leave him in tbe crate, he settles happily while I’m gone.

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