Comfy bed for older dogs

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negunslean Sat 22-Sep-18 08:08:09

My standard schnauzer is 12 and showing signs of stiffness in back legs. Took him to vet yesterday and has given him some medication. I would really like recommendations for beds that may help him feel more comfy? At the moment he has a large plastic bed filled with a double duvet and furry blanket.
Also how do you keep your older dogs warm overnight? We have a heat pad but not sure it’s enough. Should we just keep heating on overnight? He definitely felt chilly this morning sad

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MasonJar Sat 22-Sep-18 08:53:22

We made lovely comfy beds for our dogs from memory foam offcuts from ebay. Bought cheap ready made covers. If you use VetBed on top will be really warm.
Equafleece do fleece jumpers, one of my dogs wears one in the winter if its really cold as we don't like heating on at night.

TomHardysNextWife Sat 22-Sep-18 11:21:38

Orvis do some lovely memory foam pet beds. Think there are cheaper versions on Amazon. Memory foam is very warm, you sink into it and should be enough warmth but like the PP said a fleece jumper may help, especially if you can get one that covers their back legs.

We found Cartrophen injections really helped our old lab when her legs started showing signs of arthritis at 7. They have 4 x weekly injections and are often a bit quiet for a few days after each one but the effect is cumulative and can last up to 6 months. We also gave her Joint Aid in her food.

Honeyroar Sat 22-Sep-18 22:24:48

We use the plastic tubs too, I like that they keep the draughts out (I have them side on, three dogs in a row, so the tall back is at the end of the row). I add another fleece blanket for them in winter (at the moment they have a waterproof pad (bit like tuffies) with a fleece on top. In winter my older dog likes a fleece rug on overnight too. We used to use Equifleece, but they didn't like having their legs manoeuvred into the holes once they got older and stiff. While I don't like Ruff and Tumble rugs for drying, they are good covering, warm, comfortable rugs for overnight too. A heat pad is in my thoughts for the future too.

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