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Took in friend's puppy, but I'm at uni, ideas if this sounds ok pls

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itref Fri 21-Sep-18 19:02:11

Hi I'm in 3rd year uni and live in a flat that I have a mortgage on. I'm mature student btw.

Have had to take in a friend's puppy (to actually be my dog) as she had to leave the country in an emergency because of her unwell mum and has no idea if she'll return to the UK. Long story that's irrelevant.

Anyway I have a beautiful little pup (shitzu I believe).

There's a camp for puppies here where they go 7am-7pm (you can obviously collect and drop at different times) for £15 a day. Thought that was very reasonable. Is this the best thing to do? He gets free puppy training there.

I can afford that.

Also what's best food?


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sleepismysuperpower1 Fri 21-Sep-18 19:06:12

that does sound like the best idea.

we use wainwrights dog food and our dog really likes it.

all the best x

itref Fri 21-Sep-18 19:07:08

Thank you x

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LilyMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 21-Sep-18 19:30:12

OP, we're going to move this over to the dog house - we think you'll get some really good advice over there!

BiteyShark Fri 21-Sep-18 19:37:13

For food look on to compare brands and cost. Often the better quality food doesn't cost a lot more as you typically feed less off it.

For puppy daycare if you are happy with the setup then yes it's a great thing to do.

Have you thought about what happens with insurance (vet fees can easily amount to thousands)? If not insured I would do so ASAP and get a life cover policy.

Has the friend transferred over the chip details? Your vet can advise about flea/worming treatments but I think they would need to know that the puppy is your responsibility hence getting the chip details transferred over.

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Fri 21-Sep-18 19:41:35

How old is the puppy?

Can I assume as a third year uni student your contact time is low ? I apologise if that is a wrong assumption - just judging by my uni days smile

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Fri 21-Sep-18 19:42:22

I had 5 dogs when I was at uni - left home and got extra dogs immediately smile

NoFucksImAQueen Fri 21-Sep-18 19:47:35

that's an amazing rate for a day care. wish there was one that cheap here. we also use wainwrights and like it.

adaline Fri 21-Sep-18 20:00:23

Sounds like a fab idea. Ours has been in daycare three days a week since he was 15 weeks old or so. He loves it. Goes on walks (has learned to be off-lead with other dogs too), has made tons of friends and it tires him out massively. Ours is £10 a day.

We feed Wainwrights at the moment but are currently switching to RAW.

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