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Anybody's dog been given Osurnia for ear infection?

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whethertheweather Fri 21-Sep-18 12:17:45

My 9 year old Springer had an ear infection - first time since he was a puppy. The vet suggested 10 days worth of ear cleaning and drops but infection was still present.

So then she said dog should come in for sedation to properly clean his ears and use a new treatment called Osurnia - an antibiotic gel that sits in the ear and starves the bacteria of oxygen. We are supposed to go back next week for the second dose - this time without sedation.

When I booked the dog in, the nurse gave me all the usual warnings about recovery from sedation etc. What they didn't mention is the possibility that I would end up with a dog who is almost entirely deaf. Poor thing can't hear anything and also since the sedation and first treatment he is really struggling to eat his dry food that normally he wolfs down - just picks it up and drops it again. He's the same even with rice and scrambled egg.

I spoke to the vet who said she's never had this before and "I don't think I can have damaged his eardrums cleaning them out". Had no idea how long affects might last - I looked up Osurnia online and it said a rare side effect might be transient deafness, but with no detail as to what that might mean.

DH is really reluctant to take dog in for second dose of the gel, but all I can think is that you are always told to complete a course of antibiotics.

I'm in the position of being £250 worse off but with a dog who can't eat well and is stone deaf.

Does anyone have any experience of Osurnia and did your dog end up deaf??

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Tamberlane Fri 21-Sep-18 23:39:17

Well if the ear is full of gel it would make sense that hearing would be affected on that bad was the ear infection initially? Were both ears affected?

OldTownNew Sat 22-Sep-18 00:01:15

I work in a Vets and we use osurnia

OldTownNew Sat 22-Sep-18 00:02:34

Sorry posted too soon!

We use osurnia every now and then, never had any bad reactions to it so fingers crossed it will work for you!

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