Neighbours' new rescue

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Flippetydip Fri 21-Sep-18 09:42:34

My neighbours have just picked up their new rescue chihuahua. I'm so happy that they've rescued a dog rather than got a puppy and they have waited so long for a suitable dog to come along. However, they picked her up yesterday, she's 3 and a half and has, through her whole life lived with other dogs and now she's totally on her own. Apparently she barked and cried all last night (selfishly I'm very grateful we didn't hear it!). I'm feeling so sad for the poor dog and for my poor neighbours. I advised to wrap a hot water bottle in a t-shirt for tonight but is there anything else they could do? (other than get another dog!)

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Icklepup Fri 21-Sep-18 10:40:25

Why did the rescue re-home to someone without another dog? Didn't think they usually do that if the dog is used to living with another dog.

Flippetydip Fri 21-Sep-18 10:48:18

Not a clue regarding the rescue centre rehoming policy - as I mentioned, it's not my dog. I just wondered if anyone had any useful advice.

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Icklepup Fri 21-Sep-18 11:40:07

Oh.. where do they keep her at night? With my puppy she screamed every 20 minutes or so so we moved her in our bedroom in a crate - she was fine then.. as she is now 6 months we moved her out and she's been fine. Maybe this is something they could try then she'd know she's not alone?! I've had a rescue dog too and sometimes they take a while to settle in their new home.

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