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Home check for rescue

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Newyoiker Fri 21-Sep-18 00:09:31

Does anyone know what a home check consists of? I'm really nervous!!

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PeppaP Fri 21-Sep-18 00:11:38

With mine the inspector walked through the house, didn’t go in any rooms, spent a while checking the garden was secure and that was it. Nothing to worry about smile

Wolfiefan Fri 21-Sep-18 00:12:55

Is your garden secure?
Where will the dog eat and sleep?
If it’s a puppy how will you stop it eating the house?
Who lives with you? Tiny children with their tiny toys a dog could eat?
Do you have room for a dog?
Good luck.

Newyoiker Fri 21-Sep-18 00:15:32

Garden is not secure sad but it's accessed through the basement so it's not like there can be an accidental escape. We keep our dog on a lead outside. Maybe we'll fail then!

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Fri 21-Sep-18 00:19:38

Can the garden be made secure?

DogInATent Fri 21-Sep-18 00:19:43

It's quite straightforward:
1. Is the home and garden dog secure to prevent escape.
2. A chat to make sure you know what you're letting yourself in for, to see how the dog will fit in, and that your expectations of dog ownership are realistic.

It is not a housekeeping inspection - the hair, clutter and wet footprints you get with a dog don't go well with immaculate white shag pile carpet and beige leather sofas. Chuck a throw over the sofa and rugs on the chairs to show you know what to expect.

Think about where the dog will live, eat, and sleep before the home check - these are the sort of questions they will ask you.

They will also gently check that the information you gave to the shelter appears correct - whether there are children, work patterns, how long a dog might be left, etc.

Most importantly you get to ask questions, although don't expect the home checker to necessarily know all the answers. Useful questions are to find out what type of food the dog is currently being fed, etc.

Wolfiefan Fri 21-Sep-18 00:20:24

It’s not about them escaping. It’s about them being safe to toilet or play or chew out there? Can’t you secure it?

adaline Fri 21-Sep-18 08:19:20

You'll struggle if your garden isn't secure. They'll say the dog needs a safe, secure place to toilet.

DogInATent Fri 21-Sep-18 09:47:24

I'm wondering how you got as far as the home check if you don't have a secure garden/yard?

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