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Is it possible to train a dog to not eat every bit of shite it finds?

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BabySharkDoDoDoDoDo Wed 19-Sep-18 23:22:19

My pup is still a baby and we are doing basics right now but I'm thinking about the future.

She is already a gobbler. Grass. Mud. Sticks. Stones hmm

Shes already thrown up a small stick.

So in the future what tactics can I use to stop her eating everything she sniffs out.

It's not like there's a big half eaten burger and I can say 'leave it!'
Because it's small, mostly natural items that are everywhere.

Is there any hope?

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adaline Thu 20-Sep-18 06:16:20

Muzzle training.

We have a dog at our puppy class who's been muzzle trained to stop him eating everything he finds. It might not look nice but it's a hell of a lot nicer (and cheaper) than emergency surgery for an obstruction or perforated stomach lining!

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Thu 20-Sep-18 07:58:28

Yep loads of hopesmile

Most puppies tend to grow out of it a bit although not all dogs.

Work on a positive interrupter. This can be used for anything. I have a clicky noise I make with my teeth.

Every time I make the clickly noise the dogs get a treat. Very quickly if you train this is many locations the dogs will turn to come to you or the treat.

Whenever they are doing anything I would like them to stop I would do the noise. simple and less hassle than the horrible leave it command that usually terrifies most dogs!

shoesaregood Thu 20-Sep-18 09:00:00

What is it about the leave it command that terrifies dogs? I’ve been it teaching mine and would absolutely hate to frighten or upset him.

adaline Thu 20-Sep-18 09:03:13

Why is "leave" more scary than any other command?

missbattenburg Thu 20-Sep-18 09:06:42

I think Vallaha meant that sometime people can be tempted to use it is a bit of a fierce way. Kind of shouting/barking "leave!" at the dog to get him/her to stop before they eat the poo (or whatever they are going for).

I actually saw someone do this in one of the training classes I went to - normally a very even handed owner - she said 'leave' a bit more fiercely than intended, startled the dog and from that point on the dog would give the bowl (the thing she was trying to get him to leave) a 3m wide berth when passing.

If you use 'leave' in a neutral or happy voice then it's all good.

Yokohamajojo Thu 20-Sep-18 10:23:32

My pup grew out of eating the natural small stuff but is now at 2 the worst scavenger ever! he can sniff out mouldy bread anywhere and will remember where it was for weeks afterwards.

I use leave it in probably the wrong way as in too angry sounding. I will try and think of that. I used to use a positive interrupter but bread seem far too interesting

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Thu 20-Sep-18 19:43:07

I hate the leave it command! As Missbattenburg says people bellow it with such verocity the poor dogs dont now what has hit them. Generally they stop out of surprise not because they know what LEEEEEEEEAAAAAVE ITTTTTTTT means smile or the alternative leave iT said very loudly and very quickly with the T spat out with great force.

I even went to a training class where they were taught to practice saying it loudly and aggressively - what was interesting though was that the dogs were doing an exercise with cooked chicken on the floor. All that the dogs learnt in that lesson was to grab the food really really quickly and swallow it very very fast.

Think about what you want the dog to do when you bellow leave it?
Generally it is stop and look at me.


why not just say their name - all dogs need a good reaction to their name. If I just say my dogs name they look at me, whatever they are doing so work on this rather than leave it.

Or you may want the dog to leave it and come back to you


just recall your dog no need to bellow ,a good recall is way better positive and happy.

You may want some dogs to Stop rather than leave it and again a much more versatile command.

A positive interrupter can be used for anything, as well as getting the dogs to leave or stop what they are doing eg just checking in with me, if dogs are happy to check in with you then again the need to be picking up bits and pieces will also drop off. Or a positive interrupter to change direction, to look at you etc. Again a happy positive command which dogs are much more willing to repeat

I can never ever see the need for leave it.

YohohMjojo reward your positive interrupter with bread - job done smile

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