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missbattenburg Tue 18-Sep-18 14:19:33

So my Dad and SM are going for a week's walking in Scotland. Their old cocker is too frail now for such a holiday so they asked (very nicely) whether or not Battendog wanted to go with them and if I would take care of the cocker for the week.

It coincides with my taking a week off work to do some doggy volunteer work so I can move into their house, keep an eye on my grandma who lives with them and is also elderly, and the cocker doesn't even have to leave her home so less stress for her.

It's all very logical - and I do really love their dog so not a problem. He will have a lovely time and they will spoil him and take great care of him.

Trouble is, I am now starting to feel like I'll never make it through a week without Battendog! I've had him a year and we spend almost all of my non-working time together. He's like my shadow and I am going to miss him like crazy.

Someone give me a virtual slap and tell me I am being stupid grin

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BiteyShark Tue 18-Sep-18 14:40:29

No slap here. I miss BiteyDog terribly so I think I would keep hold of BattenDog personally grin

LaGattaNera Tue 18-Sep-18 15:06:08

I know what you mean however, it would be a fantastic week for your dog and free you up for your caring responsibilities. I'd let my dog do this - spend a week walking with people I trusted. He won't forget you or stop loving you but I guess it is like when children go away on a trip or something for a week - you miss them but it does them good and they usually have a great time.

SpoonBlender Tue 18-Sep-18 15:16:45

Ah, you'll be fine. It's not like you'll be without a friend!

If there's enough Internet at each end you can have a skype/facetime with Battendog :D

missbattenburg Tue 18-Sep-18 15:36:48

For sure, if he could talk he would vote to go - he loves my Dad and would much rather spend the week running across the highlands of Scotland and having adventures than hanging out at home while I work.

They are going with some friends who have another young dog so he also gets the chance for some playtime.

It's just going to be a loooong week for me, I think.

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Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Tue 18-Sep-18 17:53:02

No-one, absolutely no-one gets their hands on my dogs ever!

They will never ever ever have a better time with someone else than with me ever.....

Tinkobell Tue 18-Sep-18 18:29:32

You have to post a pic of Battendog we can understand where you're coming from. If DH goes away for a week I do miss him but not as much as my doggy! 😁


missbattenburg Tue 18-Sep-18 18:57:42

Obligatory photo...

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MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Tue 18-Sep-18 19:26:37

My old boy used to get so excited whenever Fil came round because he automatically assumed that Fil was taking him up the farm with him, which he often did as a favour to us or because he wanted the company. If for some reason he couldn’t take him with him, the dog used to sit by the door watching him go, head down, sulking, looking so sad and dejected. Your dog will have a fantastic time and be ever so pleased to see you when he gets home. grin

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Tue 18-Sep-18 20:16:35

Nope Missbattenburg now I have seen the photo no way would I let him go- no way, not even for walks in Scotland

Justkeeprollingalong Tue 18-Sep-18 20:19:40

Aw, think of the dog and let him go!

missbattenburg Tue 18-Sep-18 21:41:35

Yep, think I'll explain to Dad that the dog is too cute to go. I can help him find an ugly one (if there is such a thing) instead...

Not really. The dog is going. Much as it pains me and as much as I would love to be the one taking him over the Scottish countryside, I cannot go. He'll have to go without me and have a lovely time with plenty of cuddles and fresh air and treats.

Their cocker was my surrogate spaniel before he came along and is getting closer to the Big Goodbye so it WILL be lovely to spend time with her.

I am still going to hate it. Sob!

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BiteyShark Wed 19-Sep-18 07:50:53

Definitely too cute to let out of your sight grin

Squirrel26 Wed 19-Sep-18 08:34:15

Sometimes I miss SquirrelDog while I’m at work, let alone when I go away. grin

Battendog will have a lovely time though, and it won’t be so bad once it’s happening and you’re busy.

pigsDOfly Wed 19-Sep-18 12:46:19

Oh goodness, can understand that you'll find it hard to let that cute face go away for a week without you.

It'll be hard but just keep thinking about what a wonderful time he'll have, take some deep breaths and make the sacrifice.

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