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NancyFrank Mon 17-Sep-18 11:24:31

Me and DH have a 1-1 session tomorrow afternoon with a 6 month old dog in a local animal shelter. We had our application approved out of a lot so we know we are a suitable home and have both grown up with dogs but this will be our first together.
Basically what should we be sure to ask tomorrow? We have been advised that this litter are currently very nervous around traffic and busy roads so any advice or experience of this? Any top tips in general?
Thank you!!

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Mon 17-Sep-18 11:52:08

I would be asking
- how does the anxiety manifest itself?
- what strategies have the shelter used to help the dog become more confident around traffic?
- what techniques would they recommend you use to help build confidence?
- how does the dog cope when travelling in a car?
- if you struggle with the dog's traffic or other issues, do they offer follow up behavioural support?

Are you in a position to avoid busy roads for a few months? The general rule is to avoid putting your dog in a situation where they are scared. I have a dog with ishoos around one type of vehicle (lunging and barking) and spend a lot of time trying to walk down quieter roads, even when it's a detour. We've also had support from an APBC behaviourist. We're getting there!

I'd also recommend reading up on some of the more subtle signs of fear and anxiety - panting, lip licking (depending on context), whale eye, head turning etc. Once I learned I realised how much I'd been missing.

NancyFrank Mon 17-Sep-18 12:43:30

That is so helpful thank you! I spoke to the rehomer on the phone who said the dog is ok in the car so would we be willing to drive her to quieter areas for her walks which we definitely would be.
I need to confirm with them but think they include 'puppy training' classes in the rehoming fee for dogs under 9 months so that will be helpful. Can I ask what you do to reassure your dog when they show those signs of anxiety?

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