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SquashedToes Sun 16-Sep-18 13:10:27

DH was pressure washing the patio for a few hours today, Dog is obsessed by water, but due to the power he was kept indoors which is where he normally spends his time. He was watching intently from the patio doors, whimpering, then I noticed he’d gone and pee’d on his bed.
It couldn’t have been an accident as I’d let him out a couple of times more than normal, and on the odd occasion he’s had an accident it’s been by the front door.
He didn’t seem scared or threatened, any ideas why he might do this? An accident I could understand but this was a big pee on his bed.

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Honeyroar Sun 16-Sep-18 15:15:43

They can so it out of stress. We fostered a dog this year that had been in a stressful house and was very nervy. For the first two nights he peed in his bed (and various other places), then once he calmed down he stopped. Perhaps your dog got really frustrated because he couldn't join in?

adaline Sun 16-Sep-18 15:24:35

Excitement? Or frustration because he couldn't go outside?

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