Nice dog collars recommendations

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Mamabear12 Sat 15-Sep-18 19:31:50

Any nice recommendations for dog collars? I like mungo and maud...they are a bit pricey and I am not in LOVE with any of their collars in particular so I am wondering if there might be another brand not as expensive but some other options that I might like more or if there is another brand that is the same cost...but just more selections. I have seen some nice collars in the park that I like...I should have asked the owners where they got them! And yes I know....I shouldn't be thinking so much about the looks of a collar...but for me its part of the fun of owning a dog smile She is a beautiful chocolate brown pup and she is about to outgrow her little pokadot collar we got when she was 8 weeks.

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CMOTDibbler Sat 15-Sep-18 20:05:21

I have lurchers, and as they wear wide martingale collars you have a lot of area to decorate - and the companies make the most of it! We have lots of collars grin for every occasion.

For fabric collars, I like Meggie Moo and Slouching Hound (both do thinner clip collars), and we recently got a beautiful leather collar that ddog2 can wear as his tag collar from Pampeano

Floralnomad Sat 15-Sep-18 22:26:59

My dog has a rolled leather house collar from Petiquette collars , they come in loads of colours and are beautiful . I get his harnesses from Indi dog , who also do collars .

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 16-Sep-18 09:45:07

DDog's current collar is from Sighthound Squad on Etsy (they don't only do Sighthound collars!)

Lordofmyflies Sun 16-Sep-18 19:16:37

DDog has day to day collars from salt dog and a posh leather one from lurrill.

missbattenburg Sun 16-Sep-18 19:20:22 do some lovely ones...

BiteyShark Sun 16-Sep-18 19:47:59

Must stop reading these threads. Just ordered yet another collar for BiteyDog because clearly he needs three of them grin


CMOTDibbler Sun 16-Sep-18 20:15:49

Three is nothing Biteyshark. We have halloween collars, christmas collars, spring, summer, posh ones, and a number of others.

BiteyShark Sun 16-Sep-18 20:47:45

CMOTDibbler don't say that grin must stop internet shopping

Honeyroar Sun 16-Sep-18 20:54:54

We have some lovely tartan ones from a company called Collared by Mark. They have strong webbing through the middle.

Mamabear12 Mon 17-Sep-18 12:01:20

Thanks for the tips everyone! I will start shopping now smile And no doubt, I will be buying my dog some seasonal style collars and/or bandanas smile

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Cath2907 Mon 17-Sep-18 15:04:59

My puppy rolls in poo at any and all opportunities. He has a functional black collar that goes in the washing machine!

Allycumpooster Mon 17-Sep-18 22:28:39

I love these Harris tweed ones from Cornish dog wear

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Tue 18-Sep-18 00:47:45

@Cath have you looked at biothane collars? Very practical for muddy dogs as they don't need to go through the washing machine

Chepsi Tue 18-Sep-18 01:21:42

We have a lot of collars & leads. A lot.

We have quite a few from Silver Peacock, they are stunning and so well made. I love the tag collars too.

Dogs & Horses make the loveliest leather collars and leads.

We also have some from Arton & Co, The Dog Co., Sweetpea & Boo, Hiro & Wolf, Slouching Hounds, and Penny & Hound.

twoheaped Tue 18-Sep-18 01:46:39

I love the Vackertass collars but they don't come in cheap.

TomHardysNextWife Thu 20-Sep-18 20:03:43

Oh my god you lot are a bad influence........... I've just ordered a new collar and lead for mine he's only got about 20 already blush

jellyshoeswithdiamonds Thu 20-Sep-18 21:52:34

DWestie has a Barbour one.

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