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Frontline Pro: no wet patch

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maxiflump1 Sat 15-Sep-18 18:00:50

Bought the frontline pro today for the first time today as shop had run out of the normal stuff. Have applied it to our long haired retriever as normal and it's hasn't left any of the oily liquid residue on the scruff like the original one does. I even checked the pippette to double check it had come out! Normally it leaves a noticeable wet patch on the back of his scruff.

Have I just been doing it wrong all these years? Or has anyone else noticed this? And is the plus different from the original? Thanks

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dementedpixie Sat 15-Sep-18 20:16:50

Is that an over the counter product rather than a vet one? I didn't think frontline was very effective any more. I would get a vet strength one instead

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