I would chew my left arm off for a lay in!

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CrazyDogLady87 Sat 15-Sep-18 07:49:56

morning! this is just a light hearted little rant but with a bit of back story so here goes

we had an Akita, we took her off a horrid low life person mistreating her and abusing her, trained her to attack people and dogs and kill cats, yes took her, I didn't ask I told him, I said I dare you to try and stop me I will report you to RSPCA and tell the police what you get up too, he tried to protest and threaten me but I got up in his face and told him of consequences if he layed a finger on me, and he backed down....i can be very persuasive and scary if i need to be despite my 5ft 5 height and skinny frame. I didn't even want a dog, i just didn't want a dog, I just believed he shouldn't have the dog, ( he was jailed shortly afterwards for dealing class a drugs and possession of a firearm) the dog was awesome, within a few weeks she was a different girl, loving friendly and socialised, eventually she had pups (4 years ago) we kept three, my old girl passed earlier this year, we did everything as the vet advised let them sniff her and lay with her before she was taken to the crematorium to register she had gone. her kids where very depressed and physically ill, over their loss and stress, to distract them and cheer them up DH thought a new pup would be beneficial, weighing up pros and cons off he went, though we both agreed it was too soon for us, we believed it would help the others.......and it did! my remaining girl became like a surrogate mother showing her the ropes teaching her all sorts of things, they are inseparable, and the boys are like very protective and playful surrogate uncles! brilliant!

now said puppy is almost 5 months, pretty much house trained had her first accident yesterday in about 3 weeks, she can hold through the night most nights, but currently she still sleeps in the kitchen (its big) she has a crate which is left open and always puppy pads down with toys for her to play with if she gets bored, 4 out of 7 mornings the pads are still clean, however, she wakes me up 5:30am EVERY morning to be let out. good girl.... my DH nor son can sleep through the noise I cant! we got her in July, I haven't had one lay in over the holidays I REALLY WANT A LAY IN!!!!!! just an hour 1 measly hour, i try to wake hubby he is dead to the world! he says every night wake me to sort her in the morning, I mean I could blast heavy metal he would sleep through it lucky bastard! so i am seriously thinking if i chew my arm off throw it to the pup to munch on for a bit i could get an extra hour in bed! thoughts any one haha!!

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YouTakeTheBiscuit Sat 15-Sep-18 07:58:05

i should also add i had nothing to do with my old girls previous owners incarceration, it was one of the people he pissed off in that world, not long before the incident he tried to stroke my girl when she was waiting outside the bank for me, ( i had her in sight at all times) she cowered from him and growled.... I marched out and gave him what for some elderly lady was stoking her first and she was also telling him to get away from the dog she clearly didn't like him, when I told the lady the situation with the dog she hit him with her brolly! it was hilarious!

but again back to the main reason of the post.... did i mention I REALLY WANT A LAY IN!!!!

BiteyShark Sat 15-Sep-18 08:01:29

We are an early rising household but yes at the weekend I miss the lies in. Honestly I have now resigned myself to getting up to letting him out and then we all go back to snooze for a few hours. As he is 2 I don't think it's going to ever change but as he's very cute I will put up with it grin

Anastassiabeaverhausen Sat 15-Sep-18 08:12:54

Get a dog door

CrazyDogLady87 Sat 15-Sep-18 09:05:39

@BiteyShark same here she is just too cute so I put up with it and im one of them people once i am awake that's it I'm awake I cant snooze or go back to sleep,

@Anastassiabeaverhausen we can't have one! I've asked my landlord he said no, I even said I will buy my own door store his and he said no, because someone could come in vandalise his house when we are not in!

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adaline Sat 15-Sep-18 10:32:50

She's still young. Ours is eight months and sleeps until our alarm goes off for work now (7am) but he does sleep in our bed which I think helps him settle. Does yours just want to be with you, perhaps? If you let her into your bed, would she go back to sleep again?

I know not everyone wants dogs in their beds but if you're desperate for sleep it could be your only option until she's a bit older.

Otterseatpuffinsdontthey Sat 15-Sep-18 10:39:07



Allycumpooster Sat 15-Sep-18 10:41:16

Mine have trained me. The pups are a year old now and no longer waking me at 6.30am. I wake them grin they have woken me every day for a year now I am conditioned to wake at 6.30. I let them out then they all pile into bed with me and we sleep in as long as we want.

Anastassiabeaverhausen Sat 15-Sep-18 15:29:44

What kind of door do you have? There are removable panels you can put in.

CrazyDogLady87 Sat 15-Sep-18 17:03:12

yeah she is still a baby im not desperate for sleep not yet.... i dont trust her fully to not need to do business through the night yet, she will still miss a training pad once in a while, we are down to about 3 nights of not being able to hold in a week so is getting there, once we've had 14 consecutive nights she will be allowed to roam the house and in our room like the others, its what i did with my others and worked great, never had problems after that. i still kept pads down for a few weeks though just incase

@Anastassiabeaverhausen its a plastic door, I even offered to buy my own door have it properly fitted(by our window and door fitter friend who owns his firm) and store his safely in our container until we move and place it back by the same friend so i can have a dog door, answer was still no and would lose our deposit if we do. yet he is happy for me to have dogs..(paid an extra deposit)..replace flooring and hang things on walls....crazy makes no sense

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lelepond Thu 20-Sep-18 04:18:36

Hang in there! When my boy (GSD) was younger I used to consider it a win if he slept until 6. Nowadays (he's 2) if I don't wake him up he could easily sleep until 2 pm!

Cath2907 Thu 20-Sep-18 14:05:47

My bloody puppy is supposed to wait until 6am. It was 5:20 this morning and 5am yesterday. I REALLY REALLY want a lie in. I haven't got out of bed later than 6 since the end of June. Sadly I have to get up at 6 in the week to fit his walk in before work. I can't get him to understand that it is Saturday - Saturday we stay in bed until.... Ooooh 8am would be nice!!!!!!!!!

missbattenburg Thu 20-Sep-18 14:23:51

Alarm clock!

Set the an alarm for abut 5 mins before the dog is likely to wake you up. Make sure you can both hear it. As soon as the alarm goes off, get up, don't delay or ignore it. The aim is to do this before the dog wakes you so they learn alarm = get up time.

Once they seem to have understood the link between the alarm going off you can sneakily alter the time of the alarm slightly. Set it back by just a few mins at a time until it is going off when you want to get up. The idea is that the dog will learn to wait for the alarm rather than try to wake you up earlier than that.

Once you have gradually moved the alarm to your normal get up time you can start to vary it more and more, depending on when you wanted to get up that day.

I used this with battendog and can now adjust the alarm quite a lot (anytime between 5.30am and 8am) without him trying to wake me earlier. As soon as the alarm goes off he is keen to get up and going, but never bothers until it does.

Albus62442 Thu 20-Sep-18 16:31:31

Before my 10 month old cocker slept in the bed with us, I would get up at the weekend and let him out for a wee then we would go upstairs to bed and I would get back in and after he'd run around the bed saying hello to DP he would go back to sleep. He learnt that basically we weren't going to interact and it was better to have a snooze with us than by himself. I didn't say anything apart from his command for weeing.

Now he sleeps in our bed we have trained him to not bother us until the alarm goes off. He knows we don't move before it and on the weekend I still take him for an early wee (no alarm, just when I wake naturally normally about 6am) and then we go back to sleep for a couple hours.I found it quite easy to train that into him. Last weekend he didn't wake until 9am!! He goes berserk when it goes off but it's quite nice being woken up for puppy snuggles as well as an annoying alarm!

CrazyDogLady87 Fri 21-Sep-18 09:10:24

@lelepond my three other dogs are half GSD, (half Japanese Akita) I have one the same if we don't wake him he will sleep in until god knows what hour!! he is hilarious, we wake him to do his business and his meals he plays like crazy loves his walks especially swimming but I think he loves his sleep more! no matter what he does he soon pops off back to bed and snores his massive head off!

@Cath2907 we are leading parallel lives!!!

@missbattenburg a bit like classical conditioning, where a sound is associated with an action, I like this idea, I have to say though we have moved from 5:30 t0 6 am this last week, I've found letting her out 15 mins later than usual for her last time at night has helped a lot.

@Albus62442 I can't get back to sleep once I'm up though, so we have a snuggle on the couch and play instead. we let the others up on the bed from the moment they stopped having accidents in the house in the day as well as holding through the night, the other three have their little rituals before bed and in the morning (D1 )has to lay on the floor on his "special blanket" at the foot of the bed, (D2) has to come up lay between us for about 10 mins for his "head scratches" (though I think its so me and HIS daddy cant have a snuggle or god forbid, you know, rudies!, haha then he buggers off to the couch the dog bed in sons room the one in hall, actually I have no idea where he goes, (D3) likes to lay on her bed in the corner of the bedroom with her head behind the curtain, and little puppy just does what she is told at bed time, she can come up have a snuggle while we prepare for bed we take turns then she goess to bed in kitchen, in the morning they all get up with her they do their thing, usually try and swipe my brew and D1 goes back to bed this time on our bed, not his blanket the other go between rooms and beds when DS or DH have a lay in they all like to go and take turns to snuggle in the neds with them, and couch with me

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MsHomeSlice Fri 21-Sep-18 09:20:06

hah...I was pathetically grateful that puppypants didn't ask to go out until 7,20 this morning!

Dh and dd often have early starts, so let him out at 6/6.30am, but even though he goes straight back to his crate he always has me up within about 15 minutes of them leaving the house.

CrazyDogLady87 Fri 21-Sep-18 09:27:02

@MsHomeSlice, here have some salt to rub in my wounds!!! haha!! wow 7:20 you are so lucky! I haven't got out of bed any later than 6:45am in about 6 years YEARS!! I'm just wired to bolt up at that time if I haven't already done so.....even when I had cancer I woke. though then I did nap a lot in the day.

puppypants...cute! what breed is your little angel puppypants, mine is Siberian husky, she needs to grow into her ears and legs at the moment she is at the funny out of proportion stage when the look dead gangly and awkward

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BiteyShark Fri 21-Sep-18 09:27:57

Even with an alarm and ignoring him, which we do, BiteyDog has a habit of getting off his bed and then standing and shaking his head before going back to bed in the middle of the night. A spaniel shaking his head is bloody loud when they have floppy ears and his ears are fine so it's not as if there is anything wrong with them.

Sometimes I wish we had kept his bed in the kitchen rather than the bedroom hmm

CrazyDogLady87 Fri 21-Sep-18 09:32:38

BiteyDog just reminding BiteyParents he is there....incase they forgot!

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BiteyShark Fri 21-Sep-18 09:41:17

CrazyDogLady87 I think you are right grin

MsHomeSlice Fri 21-Sep-18 18:18:51

puppypants is a black Lab/Gret and not mine...we are puppy walking for guidedogs

My two GSDs who both died last year <weeps> would not be bothered about going out until they heard someone up, my best boy knew if it was me or dh getting out of bed and would only come to the bottom of the stair if he knew it was me!

One of our other guidedog pups barked every single day we had her at 6.45 with a margin of error of about two minutes. Only once did she not do it, and we were all late!!

CrazyDogLady87 Sat 22-Sep-18 09:36:02


sorry to hear about your GSDs, its so heartbreaking when they go isnt it, they become such huge parts of our lives.
puppy walking for guide dogs? so do you start them off with their training or have I misunderstood, ?
i haven't any photos on my laptop the memory is shite, I will attach some from my phone later

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MsHomeSlice Sat 22-Sep-18 11:03:23

no that's it, we get them at eight weeks and the fun commences! Teaching housetraining, nice manners, patience, out on buses, trains, taxis, shops, lifts, cinema, pubs, restaurants, roadworks, sirens, school kick out, and on one memorable occasion a whole Pipe Band with kilts and drums!

it's really just your basic socialisation but on a very very wide band!

then they go off to real school at 14-18months depending on how they are, to be properly trained and the last few weeks is often fine tuning for the person they have in mind and introducing them to each other...they'll be paired with their person at around 18/24 months.

And yes, those two boys left a giant hole in my life. sad

CrazyDogLady87 Sat 22-Sep-18 11:59:19

OH MY GOD! i want your job.....it sounds incredible and challenging, do you ever get to see the dogs again? it must be so hard to not get attached though!

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MsHomeSlice Sat 22-Sep-18 12:44:23

depends who they get paired with, Guide dogs update with the basics, and it's up to the owner if they want to send anymore info.

you do get attached but the labs/grets don't tug on my heart strings like the shepherds. I am Not Allowed to puppywalk anymore GSDs.

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