Need to celebrate!

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BabySharkDoDoDoDoDo Fri 14-Sep-18 03:26:30

After 2 weeks of peeing inside and refusing to go outside today Sharkpuppo has done

2 poops and 3 wees in the garden! Woohooooooo 😁😁😁

And have just taken her out at 3am and rather than run around for 30 mins then pee on my bedroom floor she did a wee on the grass straight away! shock grin

I feel super proud.

I know she's only 10 weeks but I was getting frustrated because she just wasn't making the association with going outside but now she's made it! Go Sharky!

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BabySharkDoDoDoDoDo Fri 14-Sep-18 03:27:22

PS she has also done 2 wees inside but that's a massive improvement!

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Newyoiker Fri 14-Sep-18 03:42:08

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! πŸ’ͺ what kind of dog is it? I remember those days!

Eatmycheese Fri 14-Sep-18 04:37:05

Very good girl.
Hate to do this to you but my bitch’s urine has totally destroyed my grass. Something in female dog wee apparently #scorchedearth
Better than pissy floors I do know though.

BabySharkDoDoDoDoDo Fri 14-Sep-18 08:31:08

Eatmycheese my grass is a wreck anyway and she's dug half it up already. She's a Springer spaniel. I'm not 'garden proud' at all so it's not an issue.

This morning she did a wee at 6 am. A poop at 6.30 am, both outside, and an accident on the floor inside.

I'm so proud of her!

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bluetongue Sat 15-Sep-18 01:07:42

Well done. Pretty good going for 10 weeks old smile

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