What do your pointy dogs wear indoors?

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Largepiecesofcrookedwood Fri 14-Sep-18 00:22:10

After years of working dogs and gun dogs, DH and I drunkenly regimes a staffie puppy a couple years ago.
Fast forward to now and I've never had a dog with such an array of neuroses and issues- it's a good job we love her really grin
With winter approaching we come around to the same old "DDog3 is cold" issue again. Our cottage is old and draughty and all the downstairs is stone or wood floors. DDog3 has to wear her "knickers" indoors or she is frozen. Her knickers are normally knitted coats of a Pets at Home sort of type IYKWIM? However they don't seem very warm and get quickly misshapen in the wash. If they're too tight they also rub her neck until she bleeds.
Does anyone have recommendations for a decent indoor coat? DDog3 will be very grateful grin

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MaitlandGirl Fri 14-Sep-18 00:27:29

Mine wear this sort of shape coat in the winter, it fastens under the belly and around the neck.

We find fleece lined coats are warmer for our pit bull in the winter.

Largepiecesofcrookedwood Fri 14-Sep-18 00:34:37

Thanks maitland,that looks more like an outdoor coat though? (As in my OP I've always had much hardier dogs. Owning a dog with her own wardrobe is something of a novelty for us grin)
We have a neoprene coat for outdoors (the best £40 I've ever spent TBH) but need something for indoors.

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WindyShrimp Fri 14-Sep-18 01:24:46

Equafleece stuff is great for indoor or outdoor wear. They come in loads of sizes/shapes and stand up to regular washing really well.

The fleece suits are absolutely great. I got one for my old boy to wear round the house when he started really feeling the cold and he loved it.

Largepiecesofcrookedwood Fri 14-Sep-18 01:37:15

Hahahahahaha, she'd never leave the house if she had a trouser suit grin
I tried to buy a HotterDog fleece last year but someone had put the wrong one in the bag so it didn't fit. Then the feed merchants stopped stocking them and I struggled to find them anywhere else, but I now see they're the trade name for Equafleece <potters off to browse the Internet>

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Largepiecesofcrookedwood Fri 14-Sep-18 01:41:17

The Equafleece looks exactly what we're after, now all I have to do is pin her down with the tape measure (another neuroses!)

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CMOTDibbler Fri 14-Sep-18 12:11:18

Mine have fleece coats (from Milgi), fleece pyjamas (Greyhound Monkey), or fleeces I have made (this is ddog1s Halloween coat, ddog2 is modelling it and sulking).
Ddog1 feels the cold a lot and will now be wearing something all the time until the summer - he has a range of outdoor coats too


Largepiecesofcrookedwood Fri 14-Sep-18 14:37:25

Thanks cmot smile
In my title I mentioned pointybdogs then completely forgot to mention that DDog3 is most likely part whippet- so we have the speed and thin skin of the whippet, with the bulk of a staffie hmm

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CMOTDibbler Fri 14-Sep-18 14:59:47

Milgi can make coats to order if required, but they do fit ddog2 who as you see is probably doberman x whippetish and so bulkier than average. He looks all butch but is scared of herons...

rainydogday Fri 14-Sep-18 15:11:38

Our wimpy whippet has a cheap knitted dog jumper from pets at home for indoor use!

bluetongue Sat 15-Sep-18 01:05:49

My whippet wears nothing inside. He has a very fine coat and feels the cold but doesn’t really like coats and jumpers so only wears clothes when outside. Whenever I take off his coat after a walk he jumps on the sofa and rolls around the get rid rid of the feeling of coat grin

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