size of dog bed

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thefootofourstairs Thu 13-Sep-18 17:02:31

good point . When i get up in the morning he seems to be in a very tight ball in his bed and also does this when hes on my knee sometimes , tucks his head right in . But , he also sleeps on the living room rug stretched out . If only he could talk i'd ask him ! grin

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missbattenburg Thu 13-Sep-18 15:33:21

In my experience this very much depends on the dog's preferred sleeping style.

For example, Battendog loves to spread out shamelessly - he needs a bed that is at least 1.5 times his full body length so there is enough space to stretch out his legs. He also likes a pillow so the edges of the bed need to be soft and pillow-like otherwise he will make a pillow inside the bed with blankets - thus meaning it needs to be even bigger.

A friend of mine has a german shepherd who
a) is massive (and)
b) loves to curl up tight into a ball
She will not sleep in a bed bigger than about 50cm across, even though it looks super uncomfortable to me

Does yours like to curl up tight in a ball or stretch out, do you think?

thefootofourstairs Thu 13-Sep-18 15:01:34

want to get ddog a new bed because the one he came with has a broken bit ( currently covered up so he doesn't poke his eye out ) Is the size about right ? or should i buy him a bigger one ?

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