Dog behaving badly

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missbattenburg Thu 13-Sep-18 10:30:50

It sounds like you are trying to control the dog by physically manipulating him/his resources (e.g. taking the food off him, moving him across the bed). Some dogs put up with that, others will not. IME Jacks are not overly fond of it - and being small dogs probably get it more than others. No one would attempt to move a Newfoundland by pushing it...

Try making an effort to not do this. If you don't want the dog to eat cat food, pick it up before the dog gets to it. No food = no problem. If you want the dog off the bed then find something he likes (e.g. bits of hot dog or cheese) and lure/reward him so getting off is a choice he makes - or don't let him on there to start with if it's just going to become a battle ground.

Start now so the regime doesn't suddenly change when the baby comes along...

Babyboymama Thu 13-Sep-18 10:22:42

I have a 9 year old jack Russel/collie cross. He’s a lovely little dog but because of the jack Russel in him he can be extremely stubborn.
In the past few months he’s starting to get aggressive occasionally, for example, when I lived at my mums (I’ve moved out now, just me, my boyfriend and the dog now) there was two cats and he always ate their food, a couple of times when I’ve tried to get him away from the food he’s snapped at me. He’s never actually bitten me but obviously the snapping is bad enough. He also snapped at me a few weeks ago when he was laying in the middle of my bed, I was moving him to the side so I could get in and he snapped then. He also did it last night to my boyfriend in a similar situation, the dog was insisting on lying right in the middle of the bed and kept moving back after we moved him so my boyfriend kind of scooped him up to move him and he snapped again then but he actually caught his hand with his teeth this time. Not enough to injure my boyfriend or hurt him but obviously this came as a bit of a shock to us both.

I love my dog. He really does mean so much to me but I’m due to have a baby in 5 weeks so obviously this behaviour is starting to worry me.
It’s a bit of a rambling post (sorry!) but I’m just looking for any advice on what me and my boyfriend can do to get back control over the dog because he is getting too big for his boots. If worst comes to worst then my uncle will be able to take him and look after him but that is the last thing I want to do!

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