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Smelly bedding after boarding kennels

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Sleepyslops Wed 12-Sep-18 14:33:53

I think I will buy a new one as it is their favourite. The laundry room smells so bad of the bedding even though it's on its second wash. grin

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Lucisky Wed 12-Sep-18 14:04:39

Buy a new one? Only joking, hope the smell comes out.
The kennels I have been using (for over 30 years now) ask that you take only easily washable bedding, and they also provide vetbed. They say that despite best efforts, dogs in kennels often seem to get urine etc on the bedding for the simple reason that they usually have to do their business in the kennel at some point, and it can get walked into the bed. If your dogs didnt go out much this could be the cause of the extreme smelliness.
For that reason I only supply a fleece blanket, which is easy to wash. However, the kennels will wash it themselves if needed.
I think all kennels smell a bit doggy, but yours sound a bit extreme.

Sleepyslops Wed 12-Sep-18 12:26:29

Hi all,
My dogs stayed in boarding kennels for 2 weeks and i sent their favourite bedding with them - fluffy blanket and a lovely, big, padded mat bed.

The bedding absolutely stinks now. It smells weird. I can't quite decide what it smells of. I have washed it on a 60c wash for 2.5 hours with anti-bac liquid as well as powder and it still stinks. I've got it on again, but this time at 90c.

Any suggestions if this doesn't work?

They won't be going there again... they lost weight and I don't think they went out much. angry

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