New cat, dogs pooping in the house

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BradleyPooper Tue 11-Sep-18 00:31:14

Argh! We have 2 small terrier mix dogs, both boys, neutered, about 5kgs each. Super friendly, not related but best friends, always been clean in the house.

We have had a new kitten for the past 4 weeks and the dogs' house training has gone completely backwards. The cat has a litter tray and I don't know if they now think it's ok to poop and pee in the house.... They are let out in the garden every hour when I'm home (I work from home so most of the day) and sometimes just walk in, find a spot upstairs and poop! I'm at my wits end. Do I need to back to crate training?

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Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Tue 11-Sep-18 19:47:46

How old are the dogs?

The litter tray would not teach them to poop indoors but stress etc might.

When do they poo indoors?

I am not sure re the crate training can you explain more. Are they usually crated in the day time and then out to poo or do you crate them at night?

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Tue 11-Sep-18 19:48:19

I mean I do know about crate training just how are you using it!

PersianCatLady Tue 11-Sep-18 19:56:36

This is going to sound weird but perhaps the dogs are feeling a bit annoyed at their new housemate>??

I don't see how putting the dogs into crates is going to make them feel more comfortable about the new kitten.

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