When you accidentally hurt your dog...

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lelepond Mon 10-Sep-18 22:32:17

The look my boy gave (with his massive brown eyes) and the sound he made sad. I pretty sure he knew it was an accident but I feel terrible.

It was a weird accident, I was very gently shaking off the tug toy that was wrapped around my fingers when he yelped. Pretty sure I must have got him in the eye given that such little force was used.

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Agentornika Tue 11-Sep-18 08:34:34

I've stood on my dog a few times, even though I've hurt her she comes and kisses me and lets me know she forgives me

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Tue 11-Sep-18 14:41:19

I sometimes tread on my dog's paws or inadvertently hurt her and feel terrible too but, every single time, I apologise profusely and give her lots of hugs, rub sore paw, etc and I am instantly forgiven and covered in kisses. They know you don't mean to hurt them.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Tue 11-Sep-18 15:41:47

I didn’t hurt him but I once dropped a saucepan on the floor right by his nose. The awful clanging crash it made frightened the life out of him and he absolutely flew into his basket. He sat there looking at me all shocked and scared and I felt awful!

ThisIsTheNational Tue 11-Sep-18 15:46:12

I stand on mine regularly. He is enormous, and stretches out all over the place. We always have a cuddle afterwards though, just so he knows I didn't mean it.

pigsDOfly Tue 11-Sep-18 16:32:37

I've hit mine on the face a couple of times when going to throw her ball and she's stuck her head in the way. Tbh she hardly seems to notice.

When I sneeze, on the other hand, the look I get makes me strongly suspect she thinks I'm doing it with the express purpose of annoying her.

RandomMess Tue 11-Sep-18 17:50:20

Ours yelps like it was a major injury, in reality she barely registered any pain just panics hmm


Notquiteagandt Tue 11-Sep-18 18:17:15

Its when they come over and give u a little lick as if to say its ok i know you didnt mean it.

Breaks me every time...sad

toffee1000 Tue 11-Sep-18 18:20:10

I remember walking my dog once down a street and I bumped into him, or stood on his paw, or something, complete accident. We carried on walking, but he kept shooting sad glances at me. Obviously by the end he’d forgotten about it.

Honeyroar Tue 11-Sep-18 18:24:50

One of my dogs screams the house down if he so much as snags his toe, whereas my late dog snapped her cruciate and carried on running across the field as though nothing had happened, just on three legs!

Jammiebammie Tue 11-Sep-18 18:28:28

My dog started faking injuries once he realised the attention he got after dd stood on his paw once... took us a while to notice at first and we took him to the vet as we thought there was something wrong - only for the vet to diagnose hypochondria blush it is rather funny to see though!

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Tue 11-Sep-18 18:45:54

@Jammie that's a very smart dog!

Bordercollies Tue 11-Sep-18 18:52:48

When i first met my dh i had my collies and he had never had a dog. My male collie was daft as a brush and not very bright (a bit like dh). We were throwing balls for him on the beach and dh kept kicking the ball. I kept telling him not to because my dogs face was too close. Sure enough a minute later he went to kick it and got my poor boy full force under the chin. He bit his tongue and was bleeding. I was livid and upset for my dog. It was only my dh's reaction that saved him. He was devastated and cried a few tears himself. He just hadnt thought it through. He never kicked the ball again though.
My boy had a scar on his tongue until he died 10 years later. He didnt seem to hold it against dh but he did stop putting his face so close to the ball. A lesson learned on both sides i think grin

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Tue 11-Sep-18 23:46:12

My old boy was once watching some birds across a field as we were walking along and he walked into a lamppost. He gave lampposts a wide berth after that. grin

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