Extremely tiny 9 week pup constantly biting help

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Tiggerlit123 Mon 10-Sep-18 06:40:11

Hi wondering if anyone can help plz
I have just took on a Boston terrier puppy whos 9 weeks old and has hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) and im fine with that as he is my second hydro baby and also run a group on fb for it. But my problem is hes only 500gs yep you read right, when he should be a min of 2kg. But he is literally biting and chewing us from the moment he wakes up till he falls asleep, and its not just the hands he’s biting our faces and last night actually managed to bite my eye. We have tried saying no and we have offered him toys to distract him and he doesn’t want to know. We are very limited on toys because of his size. He is also only got 50% eye sight in one eye. Ive never known a puppy to be teething so bad. Last night we put a tiny teddy bear in the freezer but he didn’t want to know.
Any help would be great plz but a hydrocephalus puppy takes longer or is impossible to train.
This is my first Boston as normally im a poodle person
Thanks for any help xox
Ps to give you a idea how tiny he is for 9 nearly 10 week old pup hes the same size possibly smaller then a sky control

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