Cocker spaniel puppy poop!

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InsertUsernameHeree Sun 09-Sep-18 19:28:52

We have a 9 week old cocker spaniel puppy.

His poo's were very runny when we brought him home last week, there was some mucous and blood in there too so I took him straight to the vets for a check.

Vet said he's perfectly fine, temp as it should be, still eating/drinking/playing etc... And that blood looked to be just because his rear was a bit irritated from the diarrhea. She gave me some medicine for him anyway and he's been having it daily.

His poo's have got a lot more solid but still seem to be quite watery towards the end of the bowel movement... I've also noticed the mucous is still there. It's like a jelly sort of consistency.

He's still fine in himself, eating ok still, happy as anything...

I'm probably overreacting but I'm just curious... Is this mucous normal or should I be taking him back?

The vet wasn't concerned at all when I took him last week but it's my first pup and I'm not entirely sure what's normal yet!


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