Itchy dog - seasonal ?

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janmk Sun 09-Sep-18 09:35:16

My dog is 8/9 yo and this summer or at least since July has been very itchy. Initially it was her paws that she was nibbling and they became bald in places. We are giving her Piriton twice a day and she had two weeks of Apoquel which worked well. Over a month it came back, still on piriton and more Apoquel but now it's back despite these - she has pulled hair out around her bum and her tummy looks pink .

We have treated for mites in case. We haven't had these issues any other year . Any experience ? Anyone else's pets like this this year only ? Only guessing it may be seasonal and if so when might it subside . Read some negative stuff on Apoquel online too ....

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LEMtheoriginal Sun 09-Sep-18 09:37:18

Have you had allergy testing done? It is expensive but then so is repeated courses for apoquel.

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