VET advice pls? Big bill / PDSA - ?

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ARoomSomewhere Thu 06-Sep-18 15:58:32

I have a 9 yr old rescue Basset.
She has awful eye issues but is otherwise good health.
She is prone to fatty lumps. EAch time Vet removes at cost of £300.
I am now sadly on benefits and had to stop her insurance.
She's got a nasty lump on each shoulder - 1 is small and warty but broken and bleeding and the other biggish and burst this am. They've only come up this last week. I'd aimed to take her in at weekend but took her in immed it burst this am. VET is saying around £400 for GA/removal/lumpectomy.

I am committed to the dog but very worried about the cost.
Obvs she needs treatment but if its cancer id have to let her go.
I remember my parents using the PDSA.
Do they still help with treatments for the unwaged?

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Veterinari Thu 06-Sep-18 15:59:59

If you’re in benefits you’ll be eligible for PDSA - check their website to find your nearest hospital. You’ll need to take your proof of benefits with you

Itsatravesty Thu 06-Sep-18 16:01:27

Yes they do but they have quite strict criteria and only cover certain postcodes. Contact your nearest one and ask if you qualify. If you don't your vet might be willing to accept a payment plan. Good luck.

ARoomSomewhere Thu 06-Sep-18 16:12:45

Thank you.

It seems i qualify but dont live in catchment sad

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CMOTDibbler Thu 06-Sep-18 16:18:31

Try the rescue she came from - they might be able to help. I know the charity I'm involved with has paid vet bills for people who would otherwise not be able to keep their dog

Veterinari Thu 06-Sep-18 17:08:44

Have you do spoken to them for advice? They may have info in alternative support in your area

HomeOfMyOwn Fri 07-Sep-18 08:18:10

PDSA wouldn't have helped even if you were in area, as the dog has to be a 100% healthy to be accepted onto their scheme! They then only help with a maximum of 20% costs.

The RSPCA have a scheme. You have to call them with a full quote from vet and they provide help on a case by case basis.


Lougle Fri 07-Sep-18 11:07:12


"PDSA wouldn't have helped even if you were in area, as the dog has to be a 100% healthy to be accepted onto their scheme! They then only help with a maximum of 20% costs."

That's not the case with my PDSA hospital. Is that a regional thing??

Angelbaby1985 Fri 07-Sep-18 11:59:08

Not how mine works ether my dog went down hill so was taken to the pdsa . where they did scans and bloods and it came BK as cancer they gave treatment but sadly he was pts a few weeks later bill was over 1000 and I was asked for a donation am still donating what I can when I can to help them but was not asked to pay the bill

Kennycalmit Fri 07-Sep-18 12:56:25

I’m not entirely sure on the PDSA however contact the RSPCA. I live in a town but the city 20 miles away from me treats animals whose owners are on benefits. My town is a different county aswell.
I think a lot of the time they use the nursing school and student vets to treat them.

If not perhaps speak to your vet about a payment plan?

Good luck OP. Sorry to hear about your struggles

RockinHippy Fri 07-Sep-18 13:05:18

There is also Blue Cross, they also work on donations if on benefits

HomeOfMyOwn Fri 07-Sep-18 14:16:16

lougle angel Shropshire area (don't know think that it does effect it) and they will not accept any animal onto the scheme unless 100% healthy. I spoke to their head office because I didn't think what I was being told was correct and they confirmed that you had to register whilst there was nothing wrong with your animal otherwise they would not provide help at all. Not long after they dropped their maximum help to 20% of bill. I have heard that if you are in the area immediate to a PDSA hospital it's different but their head office certainly didn't say it was any different. This was late last year and when I said I thought the whole point of PDSA was for "pets in need of vets" their response was to try the RSPCA! I haven't donated a single thing to them since.

So op definitely contact RSPCA - good luck to you and your dog.

HomeOfMyOwn Fri 07-Sep-18 14:24:48

I just went onto PDSA and it looks like they have completely scrapped their service for this area. I was going to link to the page on their site that had all about the 20% maximum and needing to be healthy to register but that's gone and it just says not eligible in your area now. So they've cut it even more.

Bombardier25966 Fri 07-Sep-18 14:25:31

@HomeOfMyOwn There may be regional differences, in my area they will take any pet irrespective of previous issues, and they'll cover 100% of cost (the claimant should obviously donate as much as they are able to).

I'm not sure if you're referring to something else. The one in my town is not a scheme, it's a vets that you go to when your pet needs help.

HomeOfMyOwn Fri 07-Sep-18 14:28:34

bombardier in this area you had to register your pet with them whilst completely healthy otherwise they wouldn't allow you treatment. But as in my cross post they've now completely scrapped PDSA help in my area.

HomeOfMyOwn Fri 07-Sep-18 14:32:14

Also pets could have had previous issues but had to be 100% healthy at the time of registration.

Op PDSA also suggests asking Dogs Trust for help with vet care. So that's another one to try.

Ylvamoon Fri 07-Sep-18 17:58:39

Can you ask your vets for advice? I remember many years ago, my vet in London used to treat animals from people on benefits & the homeless for free (not PDSA) ... maybe they know someone or are able to help you directly.
My vet does discounts to existing customers of they fall in hand times. It's definitely worth asking!

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