Advice for early stages of rescue adoption

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OrchidFlakes Wed 05-Sep-18 21:45:03

Thank you. Your last paragraph is perfect

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Wed 05-Sep-18 20:41:00

Why did he come in for rehoming
How is he with other dogs, strangers, cats, kids etc
Is there anything that causes him fear / anxiety
How long can he be left for (check for separation anxiety)
Any other behavioural problems
Has he got basic training Inc house training
What sort of household would suit him
Does he have any medical needs

In all of your questions, think not only about whether this dog is the right dog for you, but if you're the right family for this dog.

OrchidFlakes Wed 05-Sep-18 19:22:45

We’ve found a rescue dog that looks to be a good fit with us as a family and wondering if anyone has any advice as to what to ask/look for in the early stages before committing to adoption?

He’s 3 yrs old and mix breed - looks westie/shi tzu ish?!

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