Sensitive tummy or allergies?

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TicketyBoo83 Tue 04-Sep-18 22:29:30

Help! My 1 year old mixed breed (20kg) has had a sensitive tummy the whole time we’ve had him. He’s been treated for giardia and then tested negative. We saw a slight improvement but then after a few days his runny poos returned. He tested negative this time but the vet recommended treating anyway in case it was a false negative. Again, we saw an improvement for a few days but then it all went downhill again.

On Saturday he had a very upset tummy, lots of rumbling and the runs. I stopped his food and gave him a small evening meal of white pasta with butternut squash (recommended by a friend) it was like magic! Firm poos Sunday, Monday and this morning 👍🏻

I did some research and bought burns sensitive + dried food, the pork and potato variety. This afternoon I put 1 small handful of it in his dinner (mashed potato, white fish) and... the runs a couple of hours later ☹️

Does anyone have any advice? What can I give him that won’t go right through him?

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geekone Wed 05-Sep-18 08:40:36

Hi we use GURU surf and turf our pup has a bit of a sensitive tummy. My DFs dog is like yours has the runs often and has colitis. He started eating the Guru and his poop is solid. Yey.
They do small or taster bags as it can be expensive but you use so much less than normal food it works out more economical. It dissolves in the gut much easier than other foods. There is also tribal TLC which is brilliant too.

Harrypotterfan1604 Wed 05-Sep-18 08:49:32

Hi I have a beagle who has a very sensitive tummy, she’s now 2 and we have finally found a food that works for her. We have also figured out that when she’s hungry she confuses it with feeling sick and goes and eats grass which makes her vomit then she won’t eat making her tummy rumble and have really loose poos. We’ve learnt to give her a small amount of wet food or something she loves like cheese or chicken when she starts doing this and then she realises she’s hungry eats and it resolves itself.
We have tried so many different foods and she now has nature’s menu true instinct raw boost. It’s high protein kibble with freeze dried pieces of raw food mixed in and it’s grain, gluten and cereal free. and they do a wet food version too so she has some wet food once a day mixed with it. We spent so much time at the vets when she was young and they kept saying nothing wrong.
If the vets think he’s ok then just try to find a food that suits. You could try they Taylor the food to your dog and do a months free trial I think.

Icklepup Wed 05-Sep-18 09:38:19

I would try a cold pressed food such as Guru or Markus Mühle.. It dissolves in the stomach which makes it easier to digest unlike other kibbles which swell up.

TicketyBoo83 Wed 05-Sep-18 19:19:33

Thanks for all your advice, guru was one that I came across online last night so I think I’ll give it a go 🤞🏻

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Leo90 Wed 05-Sep-18 21:19:17

Another good one for sensitive stomachs is Arden grange sensitive ddog has never had such firm poos.

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