New puppy coming soon. Recommendations needed please!

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MuddyWellyNelly Mon 03-Sep-18 14:14:42

Our Wirehaired Hungarian Vizla puppy will be ready in 2 weeks. Due to previous commitments (including dog sitting someone else's dog!) he's going to stay with the people who own the Dad for a further 2 weeks. They will start the basics of training and then we will take him home at 10 weeks. We've had family dogs before and I have horses so not clueless about the whole process, but I'm about to start shopping....

So if the puppy is sleeping in the crate at first should it just be blankets or should I try to fit a bed with sides in there? Also, given the propensity for a puppy to chew, will I assume everything is temporary, or just buy the full size bed up front? Want to make sure he is warm enough too.

What is the current thinking on chew toys? Which ones are good and which are deemed bad for them?

Same re treats for training. What's current treat of choice? Just a box of bonios, or something else?

Collars - recommendations for a thin coated dog. Leather? Fleece lined? That sort of thing.

Anyone with vizla experience know if he's likely to need a coat? We are in the NE of Scotland so winter could be cold.

In general I'd rather shop well and shop once but otoh I realise a) the puppy will grow and b) it may well destroy stuff!

Anything else you would recommend or say avoid - either specific things or specific brands?

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sleepismysuperpower Mon 03-Sep-18 16:17:21

re the crate: we just lined the floor with blankets. the puppy did tend to wet in his crate, or chew the blankets, and so if we had put a bed in there he would have ruined it. don't buy an expensive bed until he is at least out of the crate.

for toys, i recommend the brand Kong. you can find their products on amazon. they are sturdy, and our puppy really loves his teddy.

for treats, lily's kitchen do puppy treats, which i found were good. we also use wainwrights treats, as that is the brand of food we give our puppy (its grain free which is supposed to be better for them) you can get this from pets at home. also- we give our puppy pigs ears- which he absolutely loves.

collars- im not sure about collars for your type of dog- i have a very fluffy one. all i can say is, i recommend getting a dog tag (we got ours off the dogs trust website) with your basic details on, in case your puppy does run off.

good luck! feel free to contact me if you have questions and i will do my best to help

MuddyWellyNelly Mon 03-Sep-18 16:34:01

Thanks! Some stuff to get me started there. Have at least heard of most of the brands you mention.

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