Harness recommendations for a whippet!

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Lau123lau Mon 03-Sep-18 11:52:55

I am looking to get a harness for my 13 week old whippet pup. After some recommendations for comfort/pulling/non escapable!
Also what size to go for. He is currently 6.5kg.

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Soubriquet Mon 03-Sep-18 11:56:13

I got recommended the perfect fit on here and I must say they are excellent.

Yes they are pricey, but it’s worth it.

liz70 Mon 03-Sep-18 12:02:09

I have a Sporn No Pull harness for 18 week old Bracken, 10kg, which works well so far.

liz70 Mon 03-Sep-18 12:03:06

PS you know we need pictures, don't you?! smile

Lau123lau Mon 03-Sep-18 13:53:23

There you go!

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liz70 Mon 03-Sep-18 13:54:50

Aah, so adorable; they grow so quickly at this stage, don't they!

DeadCertain Mon 03-Sep-18 14:32:10

Perfect Fit harnesses are brilliant.

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