Learning about taking care of a puppy - good books/websites for adults/ kids?

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Honeymoonmummy Sun 02-Sep-18 13:44:25

Just that really. Any recommendations?

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PositiveVibez Sun 02-Sep-18 17:50:48

I seen a recommendation on here for the happy puppy handbook by Pippa mattinson. I ordered it off Amazon as we are hoping to get a puppy soon and wanted to be knowledgeable about what I was letting myself in for (we have been researching for a long time).

I have to say it is very informative. Helps you prepare for their arrival, bringing them home when you pick them up.

Not read it all yet as I only got it a couple of days ago, but the tone, the way it is written is very simple and uncomplicated. I am looking forward to putting my reading into practise soon.

PositiveVibez Sun 02-Sep-18 17:52:54

Contents covered

missbattenburg Sun 02-Sep-18 18:10:07

Second vote for the Happy Puppy Handbook.

Honeymoonmummy Sun 02-Sep-18 19:57:29


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SheepAreTheBaaaaaaneOfMyLife Sun 02-Sep-18 20:01:21

There's tons of great resources on this thread. Worth having a look through for relevant stuff.

In particular the Congratulations on Your New Puppy list of articles from the Dog Training Advice and Support FB group is brilliant.

BrightLightsandBlackHoles Sun 02-Sep-18 20:32:06

I see from your other thread that you're looking at TTs. Would recommend pre-vaccination puppy training by Julie Hindle for a flying start (TT specialist). She's written another book on separation anxiety which TTs can suffer from if not correctly managed

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